Mixerama Spotted Mouserys Mouse Food
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Spotted Mouserys Mouse Food

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Product description

Mixerama Spotted Mousery Mouse food Organic food

The Mixerama Spotted Mousery Mouse Food is a complete pet food formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of colored mice and is considered a balanced complete food, as it already contains animal proteins. The feed consists of 77% mealy seeds, 18.6% oilseeds, 2.5% animal proteins, 0.7% flowers, 0.7% herbs and 0.5% vegetables.

The combination of high-quality grains makes the mix so special. The relationship between seeds to be harvested by the animals and flakes makes the food a sensory experience for colored mice. Oilseeds with a predominance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids contain many minerals and trace elements that small rodents need.

The feed mixture is supplemented with animal proteins and selected flowers, herbs and vegetables. The river flea shrimp, also called gammarus, and the mealworms are eaten by mice. The same applies, for example, to the healthy flowers of the marigold (calendula) or cornflower.

100% Natural
Packed under protected atmosphere
Plastic-free packed in cellulose. These bags are biodegradable and can be composted

We go for fresh and fresh!

With us we always strive for freshness and freshness! That is why we have decided to no longer sell bulk packs of Mixerama natural foods. Instead, we now offer volume discounts for anyone who has a lot of rodents. In this way larger quantities can still be bought cheaply, but in a much fresher and better proportioned form.

A small rodent eats an average of between 6 and 10 grams of food per day. With a package of 500 grams you can therefore go ahead for 50 to 83 days, which amounts to about 1.5 to 2.5 months, which is actually much too long.

Suppose you still need 2.5 kg of feed, then it is better to take 5 bags of 500 grams instead of one bag of 2.5 kg, with a view to freshness. Once a bag of natural food has been opened, it must be eaten quickly to preserve its freshness.

Is Mixerama Mouse Food Natural Mouse Food?

Yes, it is a natural food for Mice. The composition is tailored to the natural nutritional needs of these animals. No pressed kibbles have been added.

Is Mixerama Mouse Food complete Mouse Food?

Yes, because there is an analysis available for this food, it is a complete food for Mice that can be given as the main food.

Feeding advice Mixerama Spotted Mousery Mouse food

Depending on the individual needs of the colored mice, 2-4 teaspoons per day and animal.

info chart mixerama mouse food

Storage advice Mixerama Spotted Mouserys Mouse food

Keep cool dark and dry. Use within 4 weeks of opening. We advise not to buy too much food at once. If a larger stock is required, always store it in a dark, cool and tightly closed place.

Composition Spotted Mouserys Mouse food

Platahiret, red millet, wheat, barley, oats, rye, canary seed, oat flakes, dari, Japanese millet, Senegal millet, silver millet, milo, cardi, grass seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut fragments, carrot seeds, barley flakes, rose hip seeds, linseed, spinach hemp seed , sesame seeds, brook shrimps, mealworms, parsley stems, cornflakes, pea flakes, dill stems, hibiscus flowers, marigold flowers, daisies, cornflower blossoms, sunflower blossoms, green peppers, tomato flakes.

Mixerama Spotted Mouserys Natural Mouse Food

Content (approx): 1 kg | 2,5 kg | 5 kg
Composition: Japanese millet, manna millet, platah millet, red millet, Senegal millet, silver millet, pointed seeds, oats, barley, wheat, rye, spelled, sunflower seeds, chopped peanuts, grass seeds, cardi seeds, dari, milo, oat flakes, sesame seeds, cress seeds, spina
Analysis: Crude protein: 12.9%; Crude fat: 8.8%; Crude fiber: 9.2%, Crude ash: 3.3%, Moisture: 10.7%
Promotes Foraging: Yes, by scattering around
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse
Particularities: Complete feed
Mixerama Spotted Mouserys Mouse Food
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