Trixie Wooden Nail Free Rodent & Rabbit House Holm
Wooden Nail Free Rodent & Rabbit House Holm €19,99 €24,99

Wooden Nail Free Rodent & Rabbit House Holm

€24,99 €19,99
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Product description

Wooden Rodent House Holm: The Ideal House for Rodents and Rabbits!

The Rodent House Holm is a special one among the rodent houses. The house has two entrances/exits and an inlet, creating a kind of room that gives the animals extra shelter and therefore a safe feeling. The house has a removable roof, which makes it possible to peek at the animals.

Natural and Sustainable: The house is made entirely of 100% natural wood, making it a healthy and environmentally friendly choice for your rodents.
Space-saving and Efficient: Thanks to the smart corner shape, this rodent house takes up minimal space in the enclosure, leaving plenty of room to play for your little friends.
Safe and Secure: The two entrances/exits create a feeling of safety and flexibility for your rodents. They can move in and out of their home with ease and have access to additional shelter. This is especially important for prey animals such as rodents.
100% Nail Free: We understand the safety concerns of our furry friends, which is why this rodent house is completely nail free. This makes it also suitable for real rodents such as Gerbils, Chinchillas and Degus.
Open bottom: The house has an open bottom, which provides good ventilation.

The Holm Rodent House is a special example among rodent houses, designed to meet the needs and preferences of your beloved rodents and rabbits. This house combines functionality with aesthetics and creates a place where your furry friends feel completely at home.

This rodent house has been designed with an eye for detail. It has two entrances/exits and a handy cove, creating a kind of cozy room. This room provides extra shelter and gives your rodents a safe feeling, so that they feel comfortable in their living space. The house is also equipped with a removable roof, making it easy to peek in on your rodent friends and follow their adventures.

Why a removable roof?

Thanks to a removable roof you can take a look inside the house without disturbing the nest. You can then check to see if there are any older food supplies that need to be thrown away, fresh vegetables in particular are very perishable. With a removable roof this is done quickly and the small rodents are not disturbed because you do not have to lift the entire house. In addition, the nest can be inspected undisturbed if there are offspring.

Resin-free and nail-free

What is the advantage of the flat roof?

The flat roof of the House has the advantage that it is a stable place to place a small food or water bowl, for example, but it is also a nice place to put down a snack, for example.

What is the best way to clean the wooden house?

A wooden house can be cleaned in a simple way, depending on the use of the animals. The animals can use the house as a shelter, in which case it will remain fairly clean, but the animals can also use the house as a food supply storage or as a sleeping house and if you are really unlucky also as a toilet , but fortunately that does not happen that way. often. If the animals do leave a puddle, which often happens with mice, we recommend a urine spray . This breaks down the urine of the animals and thus cleans the wood.

Dimensions (approx): 42 × 26 x 18 cm | 50 × 33 × 23 cm
Openings (approx): ø 12 cm | ø 14 cm (arch) / ø 16 cm
Material: -
Open Bottom: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
Trixie Wooden Nail Free Rodent & Rabbit House Holm
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