Trixie Rodent Warmth & Cool cushion 26 cm
Rodent Warmth & Cool cushion 26 cm €17,99 €18,99

Rodent Warmth & Cool cushion 26 cm

€18,99 €17,99
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Product description

Rodent Heat & Cool Pod

The Trixie Rodent Warmth & Cool pillow is not actually a pillow but a kind of Icepod that can be made both warm and cold. Putting the pod in the microwave makes it warm and in the freezer it gets cold like an Iceopd two in one!

Nice and warm during cold days
Soft cover
Gives off heat for hours
Supports body temperature regulation

Warm in winter

Thanks to the Trixie heating pad, rodents and rabbits stay nice and warm during cold days. The heating pad is actually a kind of pod that can be heated in the microwave. The pod then gives off heat for hours. The soft cover ensures a comfortable position for the animals.

Tip : Placing the heating pad under the water container prevents the drinking water from freezing.

Cold in the summer

By putting this pod in the freezer, it becomes cold like an Icepod and continues to provide wonderful cooling to the animals for a longer period of time. Rodents can get warm quickly because of their fur, some animals such as Rabbits can't stand the heat. It is therefore good to give them the opportunity to cool down. The animals will lie comfortably on or next to the pod with heat.

The pod has a diameter of 26 cm and is made of a sturdy material and stays warm or cool for hours. This is especially suitable for the larger rodents and rabbits. The pod is colder than other cooling elements, such as cooling stones, and also stays cold longer. This is especially ideal for larger rodents, multiple rodents or animals with a thicker coat.

Rodents cool off by walking over or lying on something cool. The surface must therefore be large enough for the animal. The pod is designed to lie on or next to. In practice we see that, for example, group animals such as rabbits lie down on one side of the pod and as the pod warms up, the animals lie on it. The latter can be a signal that the pod needs to be put back in the freezer.

User manual Trixie Heat & Cool Pod

Place the pod in the freezer for 3-4 hours and it is ready to use.

The pod is made of hard plastic and in principle suitable for all animals. Due to its size, we recommend it especially for larger rodents and rabbits. Because the pod is made of hard plastic, we recommend that it only be used under supervision on animals that can gnaw on it.

It is useful to have at least two Icepods. If one has to be put in the freezer, the other can be placed with the animals and so they can be exchanged and the animals continue to keep a cool place.

Pay close attention to group animals that not the most dominant animals get control of the cooling element, if necessary add an extra one so that there is no quarrel in the group.

Chinchillas always need a cover. Without a cover, the Chinchilla's coat can get wet due to condensation. Fortunately, the Icepod comes with a case and that is very handy!

Size (approx): ⌀ 26 cm
Suitable for: Rodents
Particularities: Offer only under supervision
Trixie Rodent Warmth & Cool cushion 26 cm
10 / 10
10 / 10
Emmanuelle Charlot 11 November 2022

Very nice to keep your small pets warm. Easy to use, just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes. I would say if your pet uses the disc consistently then the disc keeps its heat for about 4/5h, but if they don't use it a lot then it can stay warm for about 7h. Only downside is that these discs are rigid so they aren't very comfortable, I but a small blanket on top but you have to be careful not to put a whole pillow on top or a thick blanket otherwise your pet won't benefit from the heat much. Also the sleeve these come with isn't of good quality, one of the two I got ripped after the first use. Annoying but an easy fix. For reference, my 5yo female guinea pig who is 930g fits completely on one of these, my 4yo male who is 1.120kg sticks out a bit with his hind legs/head. Definitely good for colder days!

10 / 10
Hester G. Otten 20 September 2022

Tot nu toe een keer geprobeerd en 't functioneert voor warmte. 'n Uitkomst voor de knaagdiertjes; ze gaan er tegenaan liggen.

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