Trixie Plant sprayer 900 ml
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Plant sprayer 900 ml

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Product description

Plant sprayer 900 ml: Perfect hydration for your plants

Good plant care starts with regular and accurate watering. The Plant Sprayer 900 ml has been specially designed to make this easy and efficient. Whether you are a novice plant lover or a seasoned gardener, this plant sprayer will help you keep your plants in top condition.

Large capacity With a capacity of 900 ml, you don't have to refill as often, saving you time and allowing you to continue caring for your plants for longer.

Easy to use The plant sprayer has a user-friendly design with an ergonomic handle, making it comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

Adjustable Spray Head The spray head is adjustable, so you can adjust the spray setting from a fine mist to a powerful jet, depending on the needs of your plants and the moisture of the soil.

Durable and sturdy Made of high-quality material, this plant sprayer is durable and can withstand daily use, both indoors and outdoors.

Moisturizing the soil and plants is an essential part of plant care. Here is how you can optimally use the Plant Sprayer 900 ml:

  1. To fill

    • Fill the plant sprayer with clean water. For delicate plants or if you want to increase humidity, you can also use filtered or rainwater.
    • Tighten the nozzle securely after filling to prevent leaks.

  2. Moistening the soil

    • Point the spray nozzle at the ground around the plant. Use a powerful stream for deeper watering of the roots, especially on larger plants.
    • For young or small plants, you can set the spray nozzle to a finer mist to prevent the soil from becoming too wet and suffocating the roots.

  3. Moistening the leaves

    • Many houseplants and tropical plants enjoy regular wetting of their leaves. This helps to remove dust and increase humidity, which is beneficial for their growth.
    • Set the spray nozzle to a fine mist and spray the leaves evenly. Make sure you don't get too close to the plant to avoid damage to the leaves.

  4. Regular maintenance

    • Clean the sprayer regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale or contaminants, especially if you use hard water.
    • Check the spray head for blockages and clean it as necessary to maintain consistent spray performance.

The Plant Spray 900 ml is an indispensable tool for every plant lover. With its large capacity, adjustable spray head and durable design, it makes it easy to optimally moisten both the soil and the leaves of your plants. This contributes to healthy growth and flowering of your plants, allowing you to enjoy a green and vibrant environment for longer.

Content: 900 mL
Suitable for: Watering plants and moistening soil
Particularities: -
Disclaimer: Not for food producing animals
Trixie Plant sprayer 900 ml
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