JR Farm Garland Box with Hay & Herbs
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Garland Box with Hay & Herbs

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Product description

JR Farm Slinger Box with Hay & Herbs for Rodents & Rabbits: Natural Gnawing and Nibbling Fun

Spoil your rodents and rabbits with the ultimate combination of gnawing and nibbling fun with the JR Farm Slinger Box with Hay & Herbs. This natural herb garland, filled with fragrant hay and tasty marigold, offers an irresistible and healthy treat for your beloved pets.

Natural Gnawing Sensation: The herb garland is a source of natural enrichment and movement. Hang it up with the included paper band and watch your rodents and rabbits have fun nibbling
Fully Edible: The spice garland is completely edible, made from natural materials. This means that your animals can not only nibble, but also safely enjoy the whole product
Dental Care and Nutrition: Nibbling the herbal garland promotes tooth abrasion and contributes to healthy teeth
For All Rodents and Rabbits: The JR Farm Slinger Box is suitable for both small and large rodents and rabbits. It fulfills a variety of needs, from gnawing and play fun to important fiber sources

Whether fulfilling gnawing behaviors, promoting natural dental care, stimulating physical and mental activity, or meeting nutritional needs, the JR Farm Slinger Box of Hay & Herbs is a versatile and healthy addition to your home's living environment. rodents and rabbits. Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water and hay available to supplement their diet while they enjoy their gnawing and nibbling pleasure.

For both small and large rodents and rabbits!

Hay is natural nesting material for small rodents and an essential source of fiber for larger rodents and rabbits!

small rodents Small rodents such as Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters and Gerbils like to make a nest of hay. Small rodents have a much lower need for fiber, but if there is a shortage or the need is temporarily greater, they are more than happy to nibble on the hay. As a result, hay has two functions for small rodents!

rabbit shop Hay is essential for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas and Degus. The animals must receive unlimited hay daily so that the intestines continue to work properly.

hamster scaping Hay is very suitable for hamster scaping! Mix the hay with your own bedding or place layers in the bedding, alternating hay and bedding. This gives the ground cover more strength and tunnels made by the small rodents are better preserved. The hay also gives a nice effect to see, the color difference gives the enclosure a very natural look.

Composition & Analysis JR Farm Slinger Box

Herbs : Lignocellulose 21.6%, oat plant, parsley, alfalfa, mountain meadow hay 10.6%, wheat plant, nettle, lemon balm, dandelion, peppermint, chamomile.
Analysis : Protein 10.6%, fat content 1.9%, crude fiber 31.6%, crude ash 11.2%, calcium 18638 mg/kg, phosphorus 1617 mg/kg, sodium 553 mg/kg;

Hay : Mountain meadow hay 64.3%, lignocellulose 31.3%, marigold blossom 4.4%
Analysis : Protein 8.7%, fat content 2.4%, crude fiber 34.5%, crude ash 11.4%, calcium 20295 mg/kg, phosphorus 1783 mg/kg, sodium 1084 mg/kg.

jr farm rodent snacks and food for rodents and rabbits

Content (approx): approx. 150 grams
Composition: See Description
Analysis: See Description
Promotes Foraging: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Type: supplementary pet food
Particularities: Offer only under supervision
Disclaimer: Not for food producing animals
JR Farm Garland Box with Hay & Herbs
10 / 10
10 / 10
Laura 12 September 2021

Ik heb deze laatst voor de Cavia's gekocht en ze vinden het helemaal leuk. Je kunt m makkelijk ophangen en de Cavia's kunnen makkelijk bij het hooi. Echt heel leuk.

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