Trixie  Snack Blocks Foraging Game for Rodents & Ferrets!
Snack Blocks Foraging Game for Rodents & Ferrets! €10,99 €11,99

Snack Blocks Foraging Game for Rodents & Ferrets!

€11,99 €10,99
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Product description

Trixie Snack Blocks Game foraging toys for Rodents, Rabbits, Ferrets & Birds!

ground cover for rodents and rats to play in Challenge & Play
This article gives the animals a challenge and fun, and it also prevents boredom.

With the Trixie Snack Blocks Game you can start playing!

With the Trixie Snack Blocks Game, boredom no longer stands a chance. The game is actually very simple. You place a treat in one of the blocks and your rodent has to look for it. Thanks to the scent holes, the animal can search for the treat by smelling. By pulling on the sisal ropes, the blocks start moving and the contents can become pelvic. If there is something tasty in the block, it is an immediate reward for the effort! ...and the search can continue. Thanks to this game, your rodent will stay mentally fit and will not get bored.

By pulling on the sisal strings, the animal can reach the snacks hidden under the cubes
Large air holes support the search for the snacks because the animals can smell them
Animal-friendly activity and mental challenge
Trains agility
Difficulty: 2 levels, as the game can be placed in different ways
With tips and tricks for optimal training

Rabbits and small rodents, but also birds, react very differently to new toys. There are some who immediately play with the snack cubes with great enthusiasm. But there are also those who first have to get used to it. At first they ignore the toys, but then they enthusiastically start working with them. There are also animals that like to concentrate on playing for a longer period of time, while others prefer to play for a shorter period of time and more often. Whatever your animal's preference, give him time to engage in the game in his own way.

Why are foraging toys good for rodents and rabbits?

❤ Encourage natural behavior: Foraging toys imitate the natural behavior of rodents and rabbits, namely looking for food in their environment. Challenging them to search and dig for their food stimulates their natural instincts and keeps them active and satisfied.

❤ Physical activity: Foraging toys encourage rodents and rabbits to be active and exercise. They have to walk around, dig, push and pull to get to the rewards. This promotes exercise and helps maintain a healthy weight and good physical condition.

❤ Enrichment of the environment: Foraging toys add an element of challenge and variety to the environment of rodents and rabbits. It makes their daily life more interesting and prevents them from getting bored in a monotonous environment. This can lead to better overall well-being.

❤ Prevents Overeating: Foraging toys make the feeding process slower and more challenging. This means that rodents and rabbits have to make more effort to get to their food, which means they cannot eat large quantities in one go. This helps prevent overeating and weight problems.

In short, foraging toys for rodents and rabbits provide both physical and mental stimulation, help prevent boredom and promote natural behavior. It's a great way to improve their well-being and quality of life.

The game can begin

1. Take out all the cubes and put a few treats in them - clearly visible to your animal.

2. Place the cubes back and place the toy in front of your animal's nose.

3. Place a small amount of food on top of the snack cube. Wait until the animal has discovered and eaten this food. Now give your animal a few minutes to figure out how to get to the food. If he is anxious or impatient, pull one of the cubes out a bit so that one or more pieces of food become accessible. In this way, the animal ends this round of play with the snack cubes with a positive experience.

4. Now take a longer play break so that the animal can process the knowledge it has acquired. Give a helping hand at the beginning during the next round of play if your animal does not succeed on its own after a few attempts. Then slowly reduce the aid.

5. By placing the toys in different ways, you can choose between 2 levels of difficulty:

Difficulty level 1:
You place the toy on its side, so that the animal has the strings directly in front of his nose and only has to pull them.

Difficulty level 2:
You place the toy on its back, so that your animal has to pull the string up and lift the cube out. Please keep the following in mind:Animals need repeated success to stay motivated. Keep the play sessions with the snack cubes short at first, but then play more often. Make sure that your animal does not destroy the game. This way you can get a lot of satisfaction out of the game and you will have a lot of fun together during the necessary playing hours.

This product is designed as a joint activity for animal and owner that supports the animal's motor skills and play and learning instincts. The Snack Block Game should be removed from the animal when it is empty and before it can be gnawed.

Material: Wood
Dimensions (approx): 16 x 7 x 6 cm
Diameter (approx): -
Suitable for: Rodents, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu | Ferret | Bird
Particularities: Offer only under supervision
Trixie  Snack Blocks Foraging Game for Rodents & Ferrets!
9.5 / 10
10 / 10
J Kindred 10 October 2023

Bunny really loves getting their pellets and treats in this puzzle box.

  • + Love it

10 / 10
Eline 01 September 2019

Super leuk! De ratjes vinden t een erg interessant speeltje.

10 / 10
Joy 04 December 2018

Ik heb dit spel gekocht voor mijn ratten, en ze vinden het helemaal geweldig om er mee te spelen!

8 / 10
Ticia L. 07 November 2017

Leuk ding, groter dan verwacht. De ratjes hebben er plezier van maar er is ook al aan geknaagd (voorste deel van de lades is erg dun)

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