JR Farm Nibble Gnawwood Willow
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Nibble Gnawwood Willow

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Product description

JR Farm Nibble Gnaw Wood Willow: Natural Nibbling Fun for Rodents & Rabbits!

Give your rodents and rabbits a healthy and fun activity with the JR Farm Nibble Wood Willow! These natural gnawing sticks are made from high-quality willow wood and offer a great way for your pets to satisfy their gnawing needs.

High-quality willow wood for safe gnawing pleasure
Satisfies natural gnawing needs and helps keep teeth healthy
Keeps your pets active and enriches their living environment
Suitable for both rodents and rabbits

The JR Farm Nibble Wood Willow is more than just a chew toy. It provides a natural and healthy way for your furry friends to wear down their teeth and keep themselves busy. Offer your rodents and rabbits these sustainable wooden toys and watch them have fun while also taking good care of their teeth!

It is good to make several nibble sticks available at the same time. The animals can wear their teeth safely on the wood.

Gnawing wood is used by rodents to wear down their teeth. Because rodents' teeth are always growing, they need to be gnawed regularly so that they do not grow too long and crooked.

Some rodents gnaw on wood very actively and others not at all. On the one hand it is a matter of taste, but on the other hand it is a matter of need. If a rodent has no need to gnaw because its teeth are kept at their length through food, hay or other nibbles, it will gnaw less on wood. It is good to always provide natural gnawing wood so that the animals can always gnaw when they need to gnaw.

Willow wood, with its crispy bark and juicy interior, is a favorite choice for all rodents and rabbits that like to actively gnaw. Willow wood has a crispy bark and a soft core. It offers a varied texture that rodents and rabbits can appreciate. Willow wood has a natural and light taste, which makes it attractive to gnawing rodents and rabbits.

willow wood for rodents as gnawing material for the teeth

jr farm rodent snacks and food for rodents and rabbits

Content (approx): 40 grams
Composition: willow wood
Analysis: -
Promotes Foraging: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Type: supplementary pet food
Particularities: -
Disclaimer: Not for food producing animals
JR Farm Nibble Gnawwood Willow
9.2 / 10
10 / 10
Corrianne 08 May 2022

Staat er leuk in mijn hamster scapes.

10 / 10
Annique 02 January 2021

Goede grootte voor in een hamsterkooi

10 / 10
Danique 02 October 2020

Mijn ratjes liepen er meteen mee weg

6 / 10
Cornelia 01 February 2020

Leuk accessoire, hamster klautert er graag op maar knaagt er niet veel aan.

10 / 10
Emilie 03 June 2019

Mijn konijnen zijn er gek op. Jammer genoeg is die wel snel kapot, maar voor de prijs en de plezier die ze eruit halen is dat het waard.

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