Esve Corbo Fine Ground Cover
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Corbo Fine Ground Cover

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Product description

"Corbo: The Magical Ground Cover for Birds, Rodents and Reptiles!

Deep in the heart of the rodent kingdom, where the air is filled with cheerful chirping of birds and the swishing sounds of reptiles, we meet an incredibly innovative ground cover called Corbo. A paradise for all the winged and furry creatures that frolic in this colorful kingdom!

This "fine" variant is also suitable for small rodents
Digging holes is not possible, but a dry soil is always nice
Ideal for the toilet!

The legend of Corbo begins with its 100% natural origin, woven from the inner core of the corn cob. A gift from Mother Nature herself, which allows all animals to live together in harmony without harmful substances or artificial additives. This makes Corbo not only safe, but also wonderfully cozy and comfortable for our dear friends.

And best of all? Corbo doesn't float out of the cage like a bunch of tangled fluff! It is virtually dust-free, keeping our pets' living spaces much cleaner and the air purer for their little faces. A real breath of fresh air!

But that's not all this magical stuff can do. Corbo is a true master at absorbing moisture - 200 to 300% of its own weight! This way, unpleasant odors are captured and hidden away in a wonderful sponge reaction. The kingdom remains fresh and odor-free, and all its inhabitants can dance and frolic freely without worrying about bad odors.

As the sun rises in the land of Corbo, all the rodents are greeted by a dry and clean surface to play on. Corbo absorbs moisture right from the bottom, making them feel at home in a dry and cozy paradise. A place where they can dig, play and experience their daily adventures to their heart's content.


And let's not forget the planet this magical kingdom is located on! Corbo is a true champion of nature, because the corn is 100% biodegradable and compostable. A blessing for Mother Earth and a choice our planet will love!

Save time with Corbo

To the proud inhabitants of this kingdom, Corbo is not only a blessing, but also a time-saving wizard. It lasts as much as 4 to 5 times longer than regular bedding, meaning our royal animal friends need to be cleaned less often and consume less. A real money and time saver!

Suitable for many animals!

From parrots singing majestically, small rodents rooting through their playground to reptiles performing their whimsical dance - Corbo is there for them all! It is the ideal companion for virtually all animals that call the kingdom their home.

Whether indoors, in a cozy den or in a palatial birdcage, Corbo adapts to the needs of every animal. It provides a comfortable and clean environment where our royal creatures can grow, play and enjoy their royal life.

So come to the land of Corbo and discover the secret of this wonderful ground cover. Here birds, rodents and reptiles find their true paradise. A place where they can play freely, whistle happily, frolic and greet each other with warm hugs and happy dances. Corbo - an enchanting wonder at the heart of every kingdom!

Instructions for use Corbo

This ground cover is ideal as a real ground cover. Tunnels may not survive very well, but the ground cover itself does an excellent job of covering the surface. This is especially useful for small rodents that like to dig and urinate at the bottom of their enclosure.

Corbo as an underlay for small rodents (Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil)
For small rodents, Corbo can be ideally used as an underlay that protects the bottom of the enclosure. Gerbils in particular sometimes want to completely burrow into the standard ground cover and then urinate on the floor of the enclosure. This can be prevented by using an underlay. Corbo is not suitable as standard ground cover for these small rodents because unfortunately Corbo cannot be dug and the animals cannot exhibit their natural behavior.

Corbo as bedding for large rodents (Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu)
Fill the enclosure until the bottom is completely covered with Corbo. The layer should be at least 5 cm, so that the ground cover covers the bottom of the enclosure well and can absorb it well.

Corbo as toilet filling for rodents and rabbits
Thanks to the pleasant grain shape and excellent absorption, Corbo is one of the best toilet fillings available. A particularly great advantage is that the urine of the animals does not run along the grain, but is immediately absorbed into the grain. This keeps the toilet cleaner than many other toilet fillings. Corbo is suitable as a toilet filling for all rodents and rabbits.

Corbo for the Rat & Mouse
Although Corbo generally absorbs and retains odors very well, we have to praise this bedding to the sky when it comes to the odors of Mice and Rats. Both Mice and Rats have a fairly strong urine odor, which can be smelled fairly quickly in most ground cover. However, Corbo knows how to retain the scents exceptionally well. We therefore advise you to use Corbo especially with the Rats in the toilet bowl.

Material: Corn
Liter (approx): 3 Liters | 7.5 liters
Weight (approx): 1,6 kg | 4 kg
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu | Bird, Ferret
Esve Corbo Fine Ground Cover
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