JR Farm Chinchilla Sand Special
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Chinchilla Sand Special

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Product description

JR Farm Chinchilla Sand Special for rodents!

JR Farm Badzand has been specially developed for small steppe and desert inhabitants. The bathing sand cares for the coat and frees it from dander, dirt and grease. High-quality bath sand is also indispensable for nail care. The rodents can wear the nails in a natural way.

JR FARM Chinchilla Sand Special consists of sepiolite-containing clay, which, unlike ordinary chinchilla sand, contains quartz and is therefore particularly good for removing fat and other impurities from chinchilla fur. In this way the coat retains its natural silky shine. This special sand contains no sharp edges and will therefore not cause a dull or brittle coat. Also ideal for hamsters, degus and gerbils.

100% Natural Sepiolite
Especially for sand-bathing rodents
Good ratio of dust and coarseness
For a radiant low-fat coat

What is Sepiolite?

Sepiolite is a mineral that belongs to the clay minerals. Sepiolite is often used as bathing sand for hamsters and other rodents because it mimics the properties of their natural habitat. Sepiolite is a natural mineral formed by the deposition of clayey sediment. It has a fine, granular texture similar to the soils hamsters burrow and tunnel in in the wild. Thanks to the presence of this clay, the tunnels in the wild remain intact.

Sepiolite is typically extracted through mining techniques, where the sepiolite deposits are extracted from the ground. After extraction, these sepiolite deposits undergo a process of processing and purification. For example, sepiolite is also extracted from the desert in Syria ( original habitat of the Syrian Hamster ). Sepiolite is also mined in Mongolia. Mongolia has significant sepiolite reserves and is known for the presence of high quality sepiolite deposits. The mineral is mainly mined in the southern regions of Mongolia ( original habitat of the Mongolian Gerbil )

Sepiolite has the ability to absorb moisture and fat, making it suitable as a bathing sand for rodents. It helps to clean the animal's coat and absorb excess oils. In addition, sepiolite can also help reduce odors.

Instructions for use JR Farm Chinchilla Sand Special

The JR Farm Chinchilla sand bathing sand must be available in spacious sandboxes or in demarcated areas in the enclosure. This must be cleaned weekly with, for example, a sieve. The bath sand is also suitable as toilet sand. This should be changed 2-3 times a week.

gerbil sand bath in chinchilla sand

Material: Chinchilla Sand Sepiolite
Liter (approx): 1 Liter
Weight (approx): 1 kg
Suitable for: Rodents, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
JR Farm Chinchilla Sand Special
9.7 / 10
10 / 10
silvia 01 June 2020

heerlijk zand hamstertjes badderen er graag in mooie korrel alleen is de verpakking soms niet goed dicht maar dat gebeurt gelukkig niet elke keer

10 / 10
Emmelien 06 May 2020

Supergoed zand! Mijn hamster zie ik er vaak in rollen, is een leuk gezicht. Heel blij mee, en kan ook een poosje mee vooruit. Top!

10 / 10
Lara 01 May 2020

Heel mooi zand. Goed om te gebruiken voor een zandbak voor de hamster ! En een handige hersluitbare zak

8 / 10
Julie 12 March 2020

Fijn zand, goed grote verpakking! Kom je lang mee toe :)

10 / 10
Gerlize 01 May 2019

Heel mooi zacht zand! Mijn Russische dwerghamster Timmy rolt er regelmatig doorheen.

10 / 10
Marieke 01 February 2019

Mn hamster geniet regelmatig van een zandbadje

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