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HAM-STAKE for rodents

Ham-Stake is a family company from Poland. In 2006, owner Grzegorz Plewka decided to do something fun for rodents. Ham-Stake was created out of his love for animals and nature. The snacks that are made at Ham-Staken can be called unique. Natural and tasty. This is how all snacks should be for rodents!

Ham-Stake for rodents and rabbits!

HAM-STAKE rodent and rabbit snacks The Ham-Stake snacks are not only beautiful to see but also tasty and healthy! As a boss you want to occasionally spoil your rodent with some goodies. It is nice to know that there are snacks that are responsible and also meet the natural needs of the animal. Nibbling and gnawing rodents are naturally very happy, but the fact that ingredients are also used that also occur in the natural environment of the animals is naturally very beautiful!


The versatility of the snacks is very large. There are also special snacks that help with the wear of the teeth. For example, vegetables and herbs are hidden in a robust piece of birch, for example. The animal must really do its best to get the treats out of the tree trunk. The reward of the effort is, of course, great, because they will certainly feast on it, but gradually the teeth are also worked thanks to the wood. It is also good to know that wood is a very good material to wear the teeth. Not only because rodents in nature also use wood to care for their teeth, but the teeth are mainly ground smoothly and animal-friendly.


It is good to know that Ham-stake sticks the vegetables with a natural adhesive derived from the hydrolysis of potato starch, so without the addition of sweeteners, preservatives and colors! 100% natural! All Ham-Stake snacks are prepared in a traditional way and that makes them unique and rich!

ham-stake natural rodent snacks for rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, gerbil, rat, chinchilla

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