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ham-stake natural rodent snacks for rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, gerbil, rat, chinchilla

Ham-Stake - Nibbling fun with a natural twist!

Welcome to Ham-Stake, the family business from Poland where we decided in 2006 to create something special for rodents. Ham-Stake was born with a love for animals and nature. Our snacks are truly unique - natural and delicious! Because let's face it, all rodent snacks should be this way!

Ham-Stake for rodents and rabbits!

Our Ham-Stake snacks are not only a feast for the eyes, but also tasty and healthy! As an owner, you want to spoil your rodent with something tasty every now and then. And how nice is it to know that there are snacks that are responsible and meet the natural needs of your animal? Rodents naturally like to nibble and gnaw, but it is extra nice if the ingredients we use also occur in their natural habitat!

Teeth wear down with Ham-Stake

Our snacks offer a wide variety of options. We have special snacks that are perfect for wearing down the teeth. For example, vegetables and herbs are hidden in a sturdy piece of birch wood. Your animal really has to do its best to get all those goodies out of the tree trunk. The reward is of course great, because they will certainly enjoy it, but at the same time their teeth are cared for thanks to the wood. It is good to know that wood is an excellent material for wearing down the teeth of rodents. Not only because in nature they also use wood to maintain their teeth, but also because it ensures even and animal-friendly wear.

Ham-Stake uses natural products

We only use natural products at Ham-Stake. Our vegetables are secured with a natural adhesive, derived from the hydrolysis of potato starch. No sweeteners, preservatives or colorings added! It's all 100% natural! Each Ham-Stake snack is prepared according to traditional methods, making each one unique and nutritious!

Come and discover the delicious and natural world of Ham-Stake - where nibbling fun meets health and satisfaction for your nibbling friends! Getzoo

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