Trixie Agility Set for Rodents and Rabbits
Agility Set for Rodents and Rabbits €19,99 €22,99

Agility Set for Rodents and Rabbits

€22,99 €19,99
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Product description

Agility Set for Rodents and Rabbits!

ground cover to play in for rodents rats Challenge & Play
This article gives the animals a challenge and fun, and it also prevents boredom.

It's a lot of fun to do things together and since rodents are active and intelligent animals, this Agility Set is a great addition to everyday activities! Especially Rats and Dwarf Rabbits will like this game very much.

height adjustable obstacles so that the difficulty can be changed
Provides mental challenge to the animals and keeps them active
Made of untreated natural wood and willow wood
incl. training manual

Rodents and rabbits all react in their own way. One animal is very enthusiastic and curious, while the other animal has to look out for the cat out of the tree. Initially place the game of skill near the enclosure and let the animals become familiar with it. A little sniffing, maybe even a little taste will ensure that they become familiar with it and do not experience it as scary.

User manual Dexterity set

  • The game time also differs per animal. For example, one animal will like to play longer than the other animal. We recommend about two training units per week of a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Always play and train together with your animal. Do not put the set in the enclosure to play with.
  • It is good to choose a quiet play location where your animal is not too distracted or disturbed by environmental factors. In addition, it must be a location where your animal feels safe.
  • Choose a tasty reward for your rodent or rabbit, especially in the beginning. This can best be a snack that your animal really goes for!
  • Start as easy as possible and reward quickly when your animal has done something right. Especially in the beginning it is useful to quickly achieve success.

There are two parts, namely the willow ring and the wooden wall. Both are adjustable in height and thus in difficulty. Always start as easy as possible.

Lure your rodent or rabbit towards the obstacles with treats and immediately reward as soon as the animal does this. This way you build it up in small steps.

Any resources

A nice training aid can be the clicker. These are available in different types. There is a soft clicker that clicks very softly, which is especially suitable for scared animals. In addition, there is a finger clicker that you simply attach to your finger and finally there is a target stick with clicker. The latter has a pointer with a ball to indicate where the animal should go.

Material: Natural wood and willow wood
Dimensions: 28 × 26 × 12 cm
Diameter: 18cm
Suitable for: Rodents, Rat, Rabbit
Particularities: -
Trixie Agility Set for Rodents and Rabbits
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