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Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Easy Plasmat 112 cm
BunnyBedding Easy Plasmat 112 cm €30,95 €34,95

BunnyBedding Easy Plasmat 112 cm

€34,95 €30,95
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Product description

Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Easy 112 cm

Bunny Bedding Easy consists of fluffy, soft anti-pilling fleece and extra absorbent Molton. This unique combination ensures that urine is passed through very quickly and is collected and retained in the Molton. Guinea pigs and co. that way always have nice, dry legs. In addition, they do not slip on the mat and can walk around without worries. In addition, cleaning the cage is also very easy, as there is no need to carry, store or remove the litter. And the best of all: Bedding Easy is dust-free and therefore best suited for people and animals with allergies.

Instructions for use Bunny Bedding

Place the mat in the enclosure and simply place the toys on the mat. The mat is soft on the legs! Always place a toilet in the enclosure so that the animals can learn to do everything in the toilet. Any droppings that do end up next to the toilet can easily be wiped up with, for example, a dustpan and dustpan.

Composition Bunny Bedding Easy

Top: fluffy soft fleece allows urine to pass through immediately and is gentle on the paws Bottom: absorbent flannel absorbs and retains urine

Rodents & Bunny Bedding

With rodents it is always exciting because you never know if they will gnaw the mat. Would the animals do that it would be a shame of course! We therefore recommend placing the mat tightly on the bottom and placing the cage interior on the mat. It is actually the intention that the mat will not stand out too much. In addition, rodents and rabbits must always have sufficient distraction in the form of toys and rodent material.

We recommend the mat for Rats, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. Not for smaller rodents such as hamsters or gerbils. In principle, the mat would work in the same way with these animals, but the chance that they will break the mat is many times greater. In addition, smaller rodents can easily end up under the mat and that can be dangerous.

bunny bedding easy rabbit, guinea pig and rat bedding plasma mat


Once the mat is saturated with puddles, it can easily be put in the washing machine and washed at 60 ° C It can be useful to have two mats so that there is always one in the enclosure for when the other mat is in the wash is.


In the video below you can see how to use the mat.


Size: 112 cm x 52 cm
Suitable for: Rodents, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla
Particularities: Offer under supervision
Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Easy Plasmat 112 cm
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+ Zindelijkheidsmat
9.7 / 10
10 / 10
Lara.j 29 July 2020

Supper onze cavia's ligen lekker te slapen

8 / 10
Jason 30 August 2019

Was wel cool eerst, maar mn ratten hebben het helemaal gesloopt en aan geknaagd, daarna was het een stuk minder functioneel.

Maar pluspunt is wel dat mijn ratten het top vonden

10 / 10
Jonas 09 August 2019

Zeer tevreden, uitstekende kwaliteit. Ook handig dat de “mat” te wassen is.

10 / 10
Rachel 23 February 2019

Top, konijn houdt mooie droge pootjes,

10 / 10
alfons 01 February 2019

heel fijn ,ben tevreden en heb al 4 st. in gebruik. aan te raden bij stofallergie!!!!

10 / 10
Jarrel 01 November 2018

Wij gebruiken het meer als een ligmat dan bedding, maar ze vinden het super fijn om erop te liggen :)

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