Beaphar Anti-Pest Spray Bird/Rodent 150 ml
Anti-Pest Spray Bird/Rodent 150 ml €8,95 €9,95

Anti-Pest Spray Bird/Rodent 150 ml

€9,95 €8,95
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Product description

Anti-Pest Spray 150 ml for Birds, Rodents and Rabbits

Anti-Vermin Spray is to combat vermin such as fleas, mites and lice in rabbits, rodents, ferrets and birds.

Spray to combat fleas/lice in rodents and rabbits and mites/lice in birds
Skin spray, the solution for rabbits, rodents, ferrets, cage and aviary birds and pigeons to combat vermin.
Skin spray, the solution for rabbits, rodents, ferrets, cage and aviary birds and pigeons to combat vermin.

Instructions for use and dosage Beaphar Anti Pest Spray

Shake before use!

Rabbits, rodents and ferrets (formerly insect spray for rodents): Rub firmly through the coat and spray against the direction of the hair. Let it act for a minute. Then comb out the fur. Spray small animals such as guinea pigs 2-3 times, spray large rabbits and ferrets 3-5 times. As long as the animal is bothered by vermin, treat every 2 weeks, especially in those places where the vermin gathers

Birds (formerly bird spray): take the bird in hand and spray briefly from a distance of approx. 25-30 cm. Spray small birds (up to 100 grams) 1-2 times and spray large birds 3-5 times. Spray the bird in the direction from the tail to the neck. Always spray only on the plumage and not on the head and bare skin. Treat the head as follows: spray the liquid on a cloth or glove and rub it over the feathers on the head. In the event of an infestation, treat all birds. Ensure good ventilation during and after treatment. Repeat treatment after 2 weeks if necessary. Use a disposable glove (plastic) on the hand you hold the bird. Anti-Vermin is effective for 2 weeks; do not bathe the birds during this time.

How can you control fleas in your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster?

No less than 95% of fleas are in the environment in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae, but 5% are on your pet. The eggs, larvae and pupae develop into fleas and jump back onto your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster. It is therefore very important to thoroughly clean the hutch and all places where your rabbit or rodent comes and treat it with an environmental spray against fleas (make sure that the spray has dried properly before your pet can come into contact with it). That way you will get rid of the fleas much faster.

In addition, you will also have to fight the fleas on the animal, for example with Anti-Pest Spray . This spray is especially suitable for rabbits, rodents, ferrets and birds and works against fleas, lice and mites. With hamsters you can put one spray on a plastic glove and rub it into the hamster.


Don't just use flea products for dogs or cats on your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster; some active substances can be fatal for rabbits and rodents!

Don't forget to treat other pets as well, otherwise they may perpetuate the flea problem.

Fleas are very stubborn. So don't expect to get rid of the problem within a week. You will have to treat your pets and the environment several times to get rid of the fleas completely.

Content: 150 ml | Permethrin 5g/l
Suitable for: Rodents, Ferrets
Particularities: Store at room temperature. Store in original packaging, store in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place
Beaphar Anti-Pest Spray Bird/Rodent 150 ml
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