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Buy Health products for your Rabbit easily at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® the online Rabbit Webshop for all your Rabbit toys and accessories. For the best health products for your rabbits, you are in the right place in our Rabbits webshop ...
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health rabbit Buy Health Products for your Rabbit easily at DRD Rodent Shop ® The Rabbit Webshop for your Rabbit!

For the best health products for your rabbits, you are in the right place in our Rabbits webshop. You will find different types and brands of health articles against Myiasis, parasites and much more for an attractive price. Ordering is easy and fast at DRD Rodent Shop ®

Rabbits are very sensitive animals. It is therefore very important to contact us immediately in case of symptoms of illness. Below we have described some dangerous rabbit diseases. Fortunately rabbits can be vaccinated against most diseases.

Symptoms Myxomatosis

Swelling of the eyelids, ears, mouth and anus. Often the eyes become inflamed and pussy. At a later stage, the rabbit may develop pneumonia, resulting in death. Depending on the virus strain, bumps may also appear on the ears, back and mouth.

Symptoms RHD-1 and RHD-2

A rabbit with RHD can die suddenly, without any prior symptoms. With a milder form of the infection, the rabbit is slow, stuffy, stops eating and has a fever. In addition, the rabbit may have diarrhea and bloody nasal discharge. The animal often dies from internal bleeding. The RHD-2 variant, unlike the original RHD virus, can also cause death in hares.


There is no treatment for the diseases. Myxomatosis and RHD are prevented with a vaccination. In addition, it is important to ensure good hygiene. Do not pick grass or dandelions in a place where wild rabbits also come and avoid contact with infected animals or manure from infected animals.

Rabbit vaccination schedule

Various vaccines are available in the Netherlands for rabbits that offer protection against Myxomatosis, RHD-1 and RHD-2. The duration of protection of the RHD-2 vaccines is still part of research and varies between 6 and 12 months per vaccine.

Myxomatosis : Annually
RHD-1 : Annually
RHD-2 : Half-yearly or yearly

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