Trixie  Gnawing wood with straw
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Gnawing wood with straw

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Product description

Give your Rodents and Rabbits the Best with Trixie Gnawing Wood with Straw!

It's teething time for your rodents and rabbits, and Trixie Gnawing Wood with Straw is ready to help! With these natural and essential chewing materials, your furry friends can wear their teeth naturally, while at the same time keeping them busy and preventing boredom.

Why Your Rodents and Rabbits Will Love Trixie Gnawing Wood with Straw?

Supports Tooth Wear : Growing incisors are no joke for rodents and rabbits. Fortunately, Trixie Chewing Wood with Straw offers a natural and effective way for your pets to keep their teeth at a healthy length, preventing dental problems and allowing them to eat and nibble comfortably.

Occupational therapy : No time for boredom with these chewing materials nearby! Trixie Gnawing Wood with Straw gives your rodents a meaningful activity while they care for their teeth. Let them nibble, chew and explore while enjoying the natural textures and scents of the wood and straw.

Natural and Safe : Made from 100% natural materials, Trixie Chewing Wood with Straw is not only good for your pets' teeth, but also safe for their general well-being. Let your rodents and rabbits nibble without worrying about added chemicals or harmful substances.

Give your rodents and rabbits the gnawing experience of a lifetime with Trixie Gnawing Wood with Straw - an essential part of a healthy and happy life for your furry friends!

Is rodent wood important for rodents?

Some rodents gnaw wood very actively and others not at all. On the one hand it is a matter of taste, but on the other hand it is a matter of need. If a rodent has no need to gnaw because its teeth are kept in good length through food, hay or other nibbles, it will gnaw less on wood. It is good to always offer natural gnawing material so that the animals can always gnaw when they need to gnaw.

Rodents use rodents to wear down their teeth. Because rodents' teeth are always growing, they need to be gnawed regularly so that they do not grow too long and crooked.

Material: Wood
Dimensions (approx): 10 cm
Diameter (approx): approx. 2 cm
Suitable for: Rodents, mouse, dwarf hamster, hamster, gerbil, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla, degu
Particularities: -
Trixie  Gnawing wood with straw
9.2 / 10
10 / 10
Angel 28 June 2021

leuk speelgoed voor ratjes, binnen een week helemaal kapot genaagd, ze hadden er veel plezier van

10 / 10
Yentl 01 May 2020

Mijn hamster knaagt er oplos

8 / 10
Heidi 01 November 2019

Leuk speelgoed Goede knaagspulletjes

8 / 10
Silke 01 November 2019

Fijn speelgoed

10 / 10
Fleur 01 April 2019

Mooi formaat. Mijn hamsters hebben er erg veel knaagplezier van.

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