Mixerama Dwarf hamster Zwergenzauber Magic
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Dwarf hamster Zwergenzauber Magic

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Product description

Mixerama myps Zwergen Zauber Dwarf hamster food

The Mixerama Myps Zwergen Zauber is a complementary pet food for Campbellie Dwarf Hamsters, Russian Dwarf Hamsters and Hybrid Dwarf Hamsters, based on experience, knowledge and research of many years by hamster owners. The mixture is also suitable for dwarf hamsters with diabetes and obesity. The food contains 67.7% flour seeds, 22.5% oilseeds, 5.5% flowers and herbs and 4.3% animal proteins.

The basis of this mixture are grains and pseudo grains. Buckwheat, for example, contains plenty of high-quality proteins, B vitamins and minerals such as iron. Even though the shells often look untouched at first glance, they like to be eaten. The skilled dwarf hamsters extract the insides from the pseudograin without breaking the outer shell.

Also included in the mix are river shrimp, also known as gammarus, and freshwater shrimp. The popular mealworms are of course not lacking either. Flowers and herbs complete the dwarf magic.

100% Natural
Packed under protected atmosphere
Plastic-free packed in cellulose. These bags are biodegradable and can be composted

Is Mixerama Dwarf Hamster Food Natural Dwarf Hamster Food?

Yes, it is a natural food for Dwarf Hamsters (Roborovski Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Campbelli Dwarf Hamster, Chinese Dwarf Hamster). The composition is tailored to the natural nutritional needs of these animals. No pressed kibble has been added.

Is Mixerama Dwarf Hamster Basic Menu complete Dwarf Hamster Food?

No, because there is no analysis available for this food, it is a supplementary food for Dwarf Hamsters (Roborovski Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Campbelli Dwarf Hamster, Chinese Dwarf Hamster) that can be given in addition to the main diet.

Feeding advice myps Dwarf Hamster Magic

1.5 - 2 teaspoons per animal per day.

info chart mixerama natural food dwarf hamster food

Storage advice Mixerama myps Zwergen Zauber

Keep cool dark and dry. Use within 4 weeks of opening.

We do not recommend buying too much food at once. If a larger stock is needed, always keep it dark, cool and tightly closed.

Composition myps Zwergen Zauber

Buckwheat, platah millet, red millet, canary seed, barley, niger seed, grass seed, cardi, hemp seed, carrot seed, mealworms, Japanese millet, white millet, green millet, blue poppy, marigold blossoms, clover seeds, dill stalks, fennel seed, cochineal shrimp, freshwater shrimp.

Mixerama natural food natural food for rodent and rabbit, hamster, mouse, dwarf hamster, rat, guinea pig, degu, chinchilla

Content: 500 grams | 1 kg | 2,5 kg | 5 kg
Composition: Buckwheat, plata millet, Japanese millet, silver millet, manna millet, red millet, green millet, barley, canary seed, cardi, hemp seed, niger seed, blue poppy seed, carrot seed, gammarus, mealworms, red fescue, marigold, meadow grass seeds, clover seed, d
Analysis: -
Promotes Foraging: Yes, by scattering around
Suitable for: Rodents, Dwarf Hamster, Roborovski Dwarf Hamster, Campbelli Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Chinese Dwarf Hamster
Particularities: Complementary food
Mixerama Dwarf hamster Zwergenzauber Magic
10 / 10
10 / 10
Joey 30 December 2021

Heel tevreden met dit voer. Ik had problemen met mijn hamsters gewicht en ik kon geen geschikt voer vinden. Dit vindt hij super lekker en hij eet alles op.

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