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  • 12 YEARS THE BEST for rodents & rabbits!
  • Ordered before 5 p.m., shipped the same day!*
  • Postpay!
  • 12 YEARS THE BEST for rodents & rabbits!

Vitakraft for rodents

Chew along, because Vitakraft is ready for you with a nibble assortment that will make your pet wag his tail with joy! We are the masterminds behind innovative and high-quality products and services that magically appear wherever you want, whenever you want. Under our renowned brand name Vitakraft, we ensure that every pet, from sniffing muzzles to wiggly tails, finds the perfect match.

Our goal? Simply to help you make the right choices for your fluffy companion. We make clear communication an art, so that you know exactly which product or service suits that one special animal in your life.

At Vitakraft we are not just rodent enthusiasts, we are true rodent enthusiasts! With a healthy dose of humor and creativity, we will enchant you and your pet. Our products are like a feast for the taste buds and a play paradise for the adventurous among them. We make sure that every bite is a taste explosion and every gnaw is a moment of pure pleasure.

But we offer more than just great products. We create a bond with you and your pet, always ready to help. Our rodent experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are happy to share with you. Whether it's feeding tips, gnawing techniques or just some gnawing talk, we're here to support you on any gnawing adventure.

So, if you're looking for the ultimate chewing experience, look no further. Vitakraft is the place where quality, innovation and gnawing pleasure come together. We pride ourselves on capturing animal hearts and putting smiles on the faces of pet lovers around the world.

With Vitakraft by your side, together we make the world a more gnawing place!

How are we going to achieve all this?
Well, we have a secret gnawing plan that makes all our goals possible. So, listen up, here are Vitakraft's nibbling principles:

Passion for animals: We work from our rodent heart, driven by love for animals, people and the world. We are gnawing at our mission for the full 100%.

Innovation: We are constantly nibbling at our skills, products, services, machines and anything we can improve to keep up with the nibbling time.

TEAM above all: We bring all our nibbling talents together to find the best solution for every situation. Together we gnaw success!

Professionalism: We respect our customers, rules and procedures. We are rodent professionals in heart and soul.

Result driven: We always ask ourselves: "Does this activity contribute to our mission and vision?" We only gnaw at what is really important.

Quality: We stand for the best quality, because that is the basis of all our gnawing activities. Only the best for our rodent friends!


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