Mixerama SAB Degoe Seed Mix
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SAB Degoe Seed Mix

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Product description

Mixerama SAB Degoe Seed Mixture

When putting together a complete and healthy diet for degus, one should orientate oneself to the diet of the degus as it is in the wild. Degus are herbivorous rodents, but not true grazers, they mainly eat herbs and other plant parts in the wild. The plant parts make up about two-thirds of the diet, plus some grasses. The remainder of the diet, averaging about 25% over the year, consists of seeds.

100% Natural
Packaged under a protected atmosphere
Plastic-free packaged in cellulose. These bags are biodegradable and can be composted

Degus eat relatively little hay, which is why plant parts and herbs are very important in their diet. The teeth wear out on the plant parts, so the animals receive the necessary fibers and of course calcium and other minerals. These plant parts should be available to Degus in an unlimited manner.

Hay must also always be freely available. However, it usually only makes up a small part of the diet. A high-quality meadow hay is the best choice for degus and also stimulates natural foraging.

We go for fresh and fresh!

We always strive for freshness and freshness! That is why we have decided to no longer sell bulk packages of Mixerama natural foods. A small rodent eats on average between 6 and 10 grams of food per day. A 500 gram package will last you 50 to 83 days, which equates to approximately 1.5 to 2.5 months, which is actually a very long time.

Suppose you need 2.5 kg of feed, then it is better to take 5 bags of 500 grams instead of one bag of 2.5 kg, in view of freshness. Once a bag of natural food is opened, it must be eaten quickly to maintain freshness.

Is Mixerama SAB Degoevoer Natural Degoevoeding?

Yes, it is a natural food for Degus. The composition is tailored to the natural nutritional needs of these animals. No pressed chunks have been added.

Is Mixerama Degoevoer complete Degoevoeding?

Yes, because there is an analysis for this food, Mixerama Degoevoer is a complete food for Degus that can be given as the main food. It is important to provide the animals with sufficient hay and fiber-rich food in addition to the main diet. Degus need a fiber-rich diet.

Nutritional advice Mixerama SAB Degoe Seed Mixture

In the wild, seeds make up the rest of the diet. For Degus, the combined proportion of seeds should not exceed one quarter of the total diet. As a guideline, this corresponds to approximately 3 g per degu per day. Seeds can have very different nutritional values. When mixing seeds, special attention should therefore be paid to the fiber, calcium and phosphorus content.

Storage advice Mixerama SAB Degoevoeding

Keep cool dark and dry. Use within 4 weeks after opening.

We recommend not buying too much food at once. If a larger supply is needed, always store it in a dark, cool and well-closed place.

Composition Mixerama SAB Degoe Seed Mixture

Fenugreek seed, radish seed, spinach seed, dill seed, lamb's lettuce seed, fennel seed, basil seed, blue poppy seed, caraway seed, clover seed, coriander seed, alfalfa seed, black cumin seed, lettuce seed, celery seed.

Crude fiber 21.4; Neutral Fibers (NDF) 37.6; Crude protein 22.1; Crude fat 23.8; Starch and sugar 9.0; Crude ash 6.6; Potassium 1.06; Phosphorus 0.62; Analysis by the Rosenau feeding laboratory in November 2019.

mixerama natural food

Content (approx): 1 kg
Composition: dill, fennel, fenugreek, lamb’s lettuce, radish, spinach, alfalfa, basil, caraway, celery, chicory, clover, coriander, larch, lettuce, poppy.
Analysis: Crude fibre 21.4, neutral detergent fibre (NDF) 37.6, crude protein 22.1, crude fat 23.8, sugars and starch 9.0, ash 6.6, calcium 1.06, phosphorous 0.62; analysis by Futtermittellabor Rosenau November 2019; as this is a fully natural product, nutritional
Promotes Foraging: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Degu
Type: Complete feed
Particularities: -
Disclaimer: Not for food producing animals
Mixerama SAB Degoe Seed Mix
9 / 10
8 / 10
iris 15 October 2022

wordt redelijk goed gegeten.

  • + speciaal voor degoes samengesteld
  • - zijn er niet echt gek op.

10 / 10
Nora 27 August 2022

Dit is het hoofdvoer van de degoes in ons asiel. Het is gemixt met oog op een goede calcium-fosfor verhouding. Het kost ons heel wat maar de gezondheid van de degoes gaat voor! Ze vinden het heerlijk en het ruikt lekker kruidig. Geen gevaar voor diabetes, overgewicht en bevat geen ongezonde toevoegingen. Super tevreden!

  • + Gezond
  • + Lekker
  • + Natuurlijk
  • + Goedkoper dan rechtstreeks bij verdeler
  • - Geen groot voordeelpak mogelijk

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