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Long-haired guinea pigs should be brushed regularly, especially during the period when they shed more. Shedding is initiated in guinea pigs by various factors such as day length, hormones, temperature and even humidity. guinea pigs shed
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guinea pig coat care The guinea pig generally has a fairly simple care. Only the long hair and the skinny types need extra attention. It is a good tip to let the guinea pig get used to the grooming ritual. This can be done, for example, by offering a piece of cucumber while brushing for the animal to nibble on. In addition, it can work well to choose a fixed place and time for the care. This makes it predictable for the guinea pig.

The coat care of long-haired guinea pigs

Long-haired guinea pigs should be brushed regularly, especially during the period when they shed more. Long-haired guinea pigs are less able to groom themselves. Shedding is initiated in guinea pigs by various factors such as day length, hormones, temperature and even humidity. Guinea pigs shed mainly in the spring and autumn, but some hair loss throughout the year is normal.

It is recommended to shorten the coat in the following cases:

  • In the summer when it's hot
  • If the coat is dirty or wet. Guinea pigs live low to the ground, so they drag the fur along the ground. If this causes the coat to become dirty and wet, it is more hygienic to shorten it. Staying in this condition for too long can cause a urinary tract infection.
  • Even if too much dirt remains around the oil gland or the butt, it is wise to shorten this part so that it remains clean.

Guinea pigs take very good care of their fur. For most short-haired guinea pigs a glove removal is sufficient, but the long-haired guinea pigs need more attention when it comes to coat care.

Did you know?
Do shelters often get long-haired guinea pigs back because they smell? This is because faeces remain in the coat. By keeping the coat short in those places, the coat stays nice and fresh and clean.

For good coat care, we recommend an anti-slip mat and the right brushes. An anti-slip mat can easily be placed on the table or even on your lap. The mat stays in place and the animals have a grip, which they find very pleasant. It's also soft and coats any little joy puddles.

Check the guinea pig weekly for tangles. Try to untangle these with your fingers, which is easier and often softer than with a comb. If that doesn't work, it is advisable to cut it out. Do not brush or comb, that can be too painful. Make sure you keep a proper distance between the burdock and the skin!

Did you know?
Brushing stimulates blood circulation and the animals get a better blood circulation as a result.

Guinea pig breeds such as the Rex and US-Teddy can be brushed with a fur brush. For long-haired breeds, a comb with rotating teeth is better. Make sure to include all layers of the coat during the brush or comb. Always brush in the direction of the coat during coat care.

Do not brush Step-by-step guinea pig in moult

  1. First feel with your fingers through the fur and also the body.
  2. Brush the coat once a week. In long-haired animals, this is more often dependent on the condition of the coat.
  3. Check with a comb if there are any tangles left behind.

Brush Step-by-step plan Guinea pig in moult

  1. Also here first feel with your fingers through the fur and check the skin for irregularities, scabs or wounds.
  2. Brush the coat several times until most of the loose fur is removed.
  3. Check with a comb if there are any tangles left behind.

The Fat Gland in the Guinea Pig

Both males (boars) and females (sows) have a sebaceous gland. This gland is located on the lower back, just above the tail. The gland is more active in boars than in sows and is more visible in short-haired guinea pigs than in long-haired guinea pigs. A small bald spot can be seen in the short-haired guinea pig. The sebaceous glands contain sebaceous glands that produce a greasy layer under the influence of hormones. This greasy substance is used for territory marking. Because guinea pigs find it difficult to reach this gland, dirt can sometimes remain on it, this can be removed with a damp washcloth.

Wash guinea pig?

If it is really necessary, the guinea pig can be washed. The condition is that a shampoo is used that is especially suitable for rodents and that the guinea pig is not washed too often. Washing always removes a small part of the protective fat layer from the skin. It then takes a few days before it is rebuilt. It is therefore important not to wash the animals too often.

Guinea pig washing step-by-step plan

If the guinea pig has to take a bath, take a suitable rodent shampoo and proceed as follows:

  1. Place the Guinea pig in the sink, bath or tub
  2. For example, pour lukewarm water over the body of the guinea pig with a measuring cup, without getting the head and ears wet.
  3. Then massage the shampoo into the coat
  4. Then rinse all shampoo from the coat
  5. Then dry the guinea pig very well. If the coat remains too wet, the guinea pig can become hypothermic.

Myiasis (maggot disease)

Especially in the summer it is important to be careful with guinea pigs that live outside. If feces stick to the fur, where flies are attracted, problems can arise. The flies will lay eggs in the guinea pig's fur and the maggots that hatch can cause major health problems. Therefore, always make sure that the enclosure and the guinea pig are fresh and clean. There are also special protective devices that keep the flies at bay.

Clipping guinea pig nails

A good nail length is about a quarter of an inch below life. Be careful when cutting the guinea pig nails! The nail is hollow and nerves run at the base of the nail. If the nerve (life) is cut, this is very painful for the guinea pig. With light nails life is clearly visible, but with dark nails much less or not at all. If you do not dare, contact a guinea pig groomer or your vet.

Pay attention! Never use normal scissors to cut the nails. The guinea pig nail should be trimmed with special scissors that are rounded. The guinea pig's nails are round and should be trimmed in a curve. If they were cut with normal scissors, the nail can split or break painfully.

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