JR Farm Grainless Herbs Guinea Pig
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Grainless Herbs Guinea Pig

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Product description

JR Farm Grainless Herbal Guinea Pig Food

Guinea pig food from JR Farm Grainless Herbs Guinea pig is a special food mix made from various long-fiber grasses and herbs, which, together with many vegetables and flowers, form the optimal nutritional basis for a healthy life for your guinea pig. With extra natural vitamin C from parsley.

With Hazelnut wood for good tooth wear

Hazelnut gnawing wood combines strength with taste, making it a sustainable and tasty choice for your gnawing friends. Hazelnut wood has a firm texture. It offers good resistance for rodents and rabbits that like to actively gnaw. Hazelnut wood has a characteristic taste that animals can appreciate.

Is JR Farm Grainless Herbal Guinea Pig Complete Guinea Pig Food?

Yes, it is a complete staple food for guinea pigs, because the food contains an extensive analysis it can be given as the main food .

Nutritional advice JR Farm Grainless Herbs Guinea pig

Only fill the food bowl when it is almost empty. Only specify the amount of food per day that can be completely eaten within 24 hours. In addition to Grainless, there must always be sufficient fresh water and hay.

Composition JR Farm Grainless Herbs Guinea Pig

Growth of permanent grassland of the Alpine foreland meadows (consisting, among other things, of Timothy grass [Wiesen-Liesch grass], Foxtail, Smooth oats, Buttercup, Soft oats, Perennial ryegrass, Red clover, Sharp buttercup, Reed grass, Woolly honey grass, Goudhafer, Narrow vetch, Hop clover, Dandelion, Plantain, Common plantain, Common primrose, Daisy, Common daisy, Great burnet, Hedge vetch, Parsnip, Sorrel, Gamander-ehrenpreis, Common hornwort, German ryegrass, Soft meadow grass, Bird vetch, Hedge vetch, Broad orchid, Buttercup, Lesser lion's claw, Lesser poppy , common hogweed, yarrow), pea flakes, carrots, field bean flakes, parsley 5%, linseed, parsnips, peppermint, plantain, marigold petals, beetroot, fennel seeds, hazelnut wood, nettle roots, balm, birch leaves, raspberry leaves, dandelion, black cumin, chamomile flowers, Cucumber, Zucchini.

guinea pig food from jr farm guinea pig food

Content (approx): 400 grams
Composition: Plant life growing on the meadows of the Alpine foothills, pea flakes, carrots, horse bean flakes, parsley, linseed, parsnip, peppermint, rib leaf, marigold blossom, beetroot, fennel seed, hazelnut wood, nettle roots, melissa
Analysis: protein 15.4%, fat content 5%, crude fiber 19.2%, crude ash 6.5%, calcium 859 mg/kg, phosphorus 672 mg/kg, vitamin A 13000 UI, vitamin C 250 mg, vitamin D3 900 UI , vitamin E 80 mg
Promotes Foraging: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Guinea Pig
Type: Complete feed
Particularities: -
Disclaimer: Not for food producing animals
JR Farm Grainless Herbs Guinea Pig
10 / 10
10 / 10
Samantha 01 July 2019

Ruikt lekker en mijn 9 caafjes vinden het heerlijk! Moet meerdere bakjes neerzetten wanneer ze het krijgen want anders hebben ze er ruzie om.

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