DIY Rodent Natural Paint
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DIY Rodent Natural Paint

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Product description

Create your own colorful villa for your pets with DIY natural paints!

Do you want to add some color to your rodents or rabbits' enclosure? Then grab the brush and the six different colors. Completely plant-based! Bring Your Hamster Houses to Life!

Natural Color Splash: With our DIY Natural Paints you can give your hamster houses a colorful and lively look.
Safe for Your Little Friend: The paints are plant-based, meaning they're safe for your furry companion to explore and even taste.
Unleash your Creativity: Mix and match different colors to create unique designs and give your hamster enclosure a personal touch.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using DIY Natural Paints on Hamster Houses

Step 1: Prepare

Gather all the necessary materials: DIY Natural Paints, brushes, water and possibly paper for practice. Make sure the hamster houses are clean and dry before you start painting.

Step 2: Choose your Colors

Discover the different colors in the range, from soft pastels to bright shades, and choose the ones that best suit your taste.

Step 3: Mix Your Paint

Mix the natural color powders with water to achieve the desired color intensity. Experiment with different proportions to create unique shades.

Step 4: Start Painting

Take your brush and dip it into the paint. Then apply the paint evenly to the surfaces of the hamster houses. Allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat, if necessary.

Step 5: Let your Creativity Run Free

Add details such as polka dots, stripes or patterns to make your hamster houses even more special. Don't be afraid to experiment and create unique designs that will surprise and entertain your hamster.

Step 6: Let Everything Dry Thoroughly

Allow the painted hamster houses to dry completely before placing them back in your hamster's enclosure. This prevents the paint from staining the litter or the hamster itself.

Step 7: Enjoy the Result!

Place the beautifully painted hamster houses back in your hamster's enclosure and watch him explore his new and colorful environment.

Our DIY Natural Paintings make decorating your hamster's enclosure a creative and fun project that will make both you and your furry friend smile!

Content (approx): 6 x 8 grams
Composition: Maltodextrin, beetroot 21.2%, turmeric 20.5%, spirulina 12.2%, blackcurrant 5%
Analysis: Protein 12.5%, fat content 1.3%, crude fiber 2.4%, crude ash 4.6%, calcium 330 mg/kg, phosphorus 720 mg/kg, sodium 790 mg/kg
Promotes Foraging: n.v.t.
Suitable for: Rodents, DIY, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Type: supplementary pet food
Particularities: -
Disclaimer: Not for food producing animals
DIY Rodent Natural Paint
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