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Vetramil®: The sweet care for skin problems, both for animals and humans!

Behind etramil® is Bfactory, a company that develops and markets honey-based skin products for both animals and humans. Bfactory Health Products BV originated from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands), where the founder of Bfactory (Dr. Creemers) studied the beneficial effects of honey for the skin. For years she has worked on understanding which plants and nectar provide optimal honey composition for the most effective support of skin condition and skin care.

As a result, Bfactory offers a range of skin care products, including products for the veterinary market (Vetramil®), products registered in Europe as medical products for wound care in humans (Revamil®) and cosmetic and skin care products that comply with European cosmetics regulations (Dermagiq®).

Our principles:

  • We develop products that are good for animals and nature.
  • Bfactory's products harness the beautiful powers of nature, without compromising the respect we owe to nature.
  • We limit the impact that our activities and products have on the environment.
  • We measure that impact and continually strive to reduce it.
  • Where possible, we offer help to groups of people who need it (for example by hiring people who have difficulty accessing the labor market).

So, whether it's a scratchy coat or scratchy skin, etramil® and Bfactory are ready with the sweetest care to ensure that both you and your furry friends get the best treatment. We get our strength from nature, with a nod to the bees that give us this miraculous honey. Together we build healthy skin and a happy animal kingdom!


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