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Gerbils are ground animals and love tunnels. In the wild, the animals also live in tunnels underground, which we also call castles. In many cases, the gerbils dig the tunnels themselves, but sometimes they also occupy the burrow of another animal that fee
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gerbil tunnels and tubes Gerbils are ground animals and love tunnels . In the wild, the animals also live in tunnels underground, which we also call castles . In many cases the gerbils dig the tunnels themselves, but sometimes they also occupy a burrow belonging to another animal that has already left the burrow. Being able to show natural behavior is very important for all animals, so we know how important it is that gerbils can walk through tunnels.

Why do Gerbils like tunnels?

Gerbils are prey animals that don't like it when their enclosure is too open. They like to be sheltered in the enclosure so they don't have to worry about getting caught from above by a predator . The feeling of safety gives the animals peace of mind and will also ensure that they become tame faster and get used to their environment.

What types of Gerbil tunnels are there?

We distinguish between two types of tunnels . One tunnel is intended to be walked through freely. An example of this is a spacious tree bark tunnel . The other tunnel is intended as a challenge, like the log tunnel. The trunk tunnel is often too small to pass through, but the animals really enjoy making the holes in the trunk tunnel bigger to be able to pass through at some point. They then make their own tunnel, as it were. It is important to make sure that the tunnel is not too tight and that the animals cannot get stuck in it.

What are Gerbil tunnels made of?

There are tunnels of different materials. They are available in wood , plastic , cork , bamboo or grass . Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will tell you more about this in the article description. The most rodent - resistant tunnel is made of bamboo , the so - called bamboo tunnels . Bamboo is very hard and from experience we can say that Gerbils don't really like to gnaw on this, so the bamboo tunnels are left alone and last longer!

Wooden tunnels like to be gnawed by the animals and that is of course the intention! As a result, the teeth wear out and the animals have a fun activity . Gerbils are high-energy animals that are very active in the wild. They must also have something to do at our house and gnawing at a tunnel to make an extra opening in it, for example, you will lose your excess energy.

Terracotta tunnels are ideal for Gerbils . They are nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, the tunnels ensure perfect nail wear when the Gerbils walk through them.

We do not recommend plastic tunnels for Gerbils. They are there, but will not be found with us for Gerbils. Plastic is a material that can be easily gnawed and any splinters from the pipes can cause injuries.

Plush, cotton and other soft materials are not suitable for Gerbils . This real rodent will make mincemeat out of it and after a day or two a tunnel made of plush will be unrecognizable. The substance can be dangerous for Gerbils. If they ingest these, this can cause blockages in the intestines. We do not recommend hammocks and other fabric materials for Gerbils for this reason.

What should you pay attention to in Gerbil tunnels?

It is important that the openings are not too tight. Some holes are smaller and the intention is for the animals to gnaw these holes further open as a form of challenge. However, it should not be the case that the animals get stuck in the holes. It is therefore important that the tunnels are checked regularly.

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