Trixie Drawing pen with LED lighting
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Drawing pen with LED lighting

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Product description

Trixie Drawing pen with LED lighting

The Trixie Drawing Pen with LED Lighting for easy sign removal!

The tick pen prevents contamination with dangerous germs and the integrated light makes the tick easier to find, especially with a dark coat. The drawing pen has a handy format and practical clip.

How do you delete a tick?

  • It is important that the tick is grasped as close to the skin as possible by the head.
  • Do not squeeze the rear part of the body of the tick and do not pull on this part, because the head can then be pulled away from the rear body.
  • Pull the tick out of the skin in the same direction as the muzzle.
  • Pull straight up with a slowly increasing force.
  • After removal, disinfect the wound with a suitable agent such as alcohol or iodine.
  • Wash hands well after removal.

The sooner the tick is removed, the better, because after 24 hours of attachment the risk of infection with Borrelia (Lyme disease) increases sharply.

You should not do the following

  • Do not use flat tongs, because of squeezing the body
  • Do not remove the tick with a circular motion
  • Do not treat the tick with alcohol, soap or other irritating liquids
  • Do not burn loose
With all these methods, there is a chance that the tick will empty its stomach contents into the suture wound and thus be able to transfer Borrelia. Moreover, the chance that the tick remains in the skin is also greater.

What if the tick is not properly removed?

If the entire head of the tick remains in place, there is still a risk of transmission of Borrelia bacteria. Try to remove the head and consult a doctor if this fails. If only the snout or parts of it remain behind, the risk is more limited and generally causes some skin irritation. Remove these parts as a splinter, with tweezers or a needle.

Capturing data

Always note the date of removal, the place on the body and an estimate of the time the tick was present on the body. In addition, it is very important in humans to check the location of the bite for the appearance of an erythema migrans (red circle). If symptoms or complaints arise, it is important to contact your doctor (or vet if your pet gets complaints) that there has been a tick bite.
Afmeting: 14 cm
Geschikt voor: Removing ticks from rodents
Trixie Drawing pen with LED lighting
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