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Thermometer digital FTC
Thermometer digital FTC €5,95

Thermometer digital FTC

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Product description

Storage pouch
Automatic storage of the last measurement result
✔Automatic shutdown after 8 minutes
LCD Display
Sound signal at start and end of measurement
Easy to replace batteries

When temperatures?

If you feel that your guinea pig or rabbit is not feeling well because it behaves differently or, for example, does not want to eat, the body temperature of the animal can provide more information about the seriousness of the problem. This can, for example, be very valuable information on the basis of which a vet can decide whether or not it is necessary for you to come along with the animal. Measuring the temperature after surgery can also provide very valuable information. During an operation, the animal cools down a lot. Normally, the vet ensures that the animal has regained its temperature when it is allowed to go home. However, due to the anesthesia, the animal may have a little longer difficulty maintaining its temperature. Do you feel that your guinea pig or rabbit is cold? Then you could measure the body temperature. On the basis of this you could then offer a blanket, extra straw, a heat lamp or a jug. Always be very careful with a heat lamp, animals can quickly get too hot. Make sure that the animal can choose whether or not to lie under it. During extremely hot weather, guinea pigs and rabbits can overheat. If you have the idea that your guinea pig or rabbit is really bothered by the heat and is becoming extremely lethargic, it is also wise to measure the body temperature. Is this extremely high? Then call a vet and discuss with the vet how you can best cool down your animal.

How temperatures?

A rectal digital thermometer can be used to record the body temperature of a guinea pig or rabbit. In addition to a thermometer, you'll need petroleum jelly and someone who can assist with holding the guinea pig or rabbit. Coat the tip of the thermometer well with Vaseline. Make sure someone has a good grip on the animal and that you can easily reach the anus. Insert the thermometer a little bit into the anus and then read the temperature on the thermometer. It is useful to write these down immediately. Always remember that taking the temperature is very stressful for the animal. Only do this when it is really necessary and reward the animal with something tasty afterwards. Are you insecure or not sure whether you dare or can do it? Then don't do it. There is a chance that the temperatures will then take too long and the animal will experience unnecessary stress. Of course we don't want to cause unnecessary stress to an animal that is not feeling well or is perhaps overheated. Is it really necessary to take the temperature? Have this done by a vet.

Success! And now?

Did you manage to take the temperature? Then we can compare these with the normal values. The normal value for a rabbit is between 38 and 39.5 degrees Celsius. For a guinea pig, the normal body temperature is between 37.5 and 39.5 degrees Celsius. Is the measured temperature below this? Then the animal is hypothermic. Is the measured temperature above? Then the animal is too warm. An abnormal body temperature can have many different causes. A vet will have to examine the animal to assess what is going on. Is the body temperature within the normal range? Then that is of course very nice! However, keep a close eye on your animal. Do you have the idea that he is not feeling well? Then you can always contact the vet for advice. It is important to keep in mind that an animal that has just run very hard can also have a higher body temperature. In addition, the body temperature of young animals is always slightly higher.

Size: -
Suitable for: Measuring the body temperature of humans and animals
Particularities: In consultation with the Vet
Thermometer digital FTC
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