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Rock Corner Water & Food Bowl
Rock Corner Water & Food Bowl €16,95 €34,95

Rock Corner Water & Food Bowl

€34,95 €16,95
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Product description

Rock Corner Water & Food Bowl

This Rock Hoek Water & Feeder has a nice heavy quality and is very pleasant to use due to the angular shape. The tray can easily be placed in a corner. Saving space is only one advantage, trays that are in a corner are also much more stable and cannot simply be pushed over.

Saves space
More stability
The large size can be used as a sandbox

The smaller sizes can be used as a water and food bowl, but the large size can also be used as a sand bowl for small rodents. Of course these bowls are also very suitable for terrarium animals.

Heavy quality
Natural look
Suitable as a food bowl or water bowl

Use as a food bowl

A food bowl ensures that the animals know where to expect their food. The caretaker can clearly see how much the animals have eaten from the contents of the food bowl. In addition, the food remains hygienically clean in a food bowl. In short, a food bowl has many advantages! Place the food bowl in a fixed place in the enclosure and fill it with the recommended amount of food for the animal.

Use as a water bowl

A food bowl can also be used as a water bowl. It is very important here to properly guarantee the hygiene of the water. Water gets dirty more quickly in a water bowl than in a drinking bottle. Fill the water container with clean water and replace it every day or more often if it is soiled.

User manual as a sandbox

Only the large sizes can be used as a sandpit, the smaller sizes are more suitable as a food bowl.

Fill the rock box with plenty of chinchilla sand. By sufficient we mean a layer that is thick enough for a nice bath. Only use chinchilla sand for bathing sand. Other types of sand are less or not suitable as bathing sand. Shell sand should under no circumstances be used, as it is too sharp and can damage the skin and fur of the animals.

* May have irregularities.

Size: Small 15 x 13 cm | Medium 19 x 17 cm | Large 28 x 25 cm
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat
Particularities: moss not included
Rock Corner Water & Food Bowl
Rodent packages
8 / 10
8 / 10
K 01 April 2021

Mooi formaat, niet te klein en niet te groot. Staat stevig. Mooie als voerbak voor onze hamster...

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