Rodipet Multi-room House DaVinci 31 x 28 cm
Multi-room House DaVinci 31 x 28 cm €34,95

Multi-room House DaVinci 31 x 28 cm

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Product description

Rodipet Multi-room house DaVinci 31 x 28 cm

The Rodipet Meerkamerhuis DaVinci has no less than 6 rooms and is suitable for Hamsters and Dwarf Hamsters such as Russian Dwarf Hamsters. The house is made of untreated birch wood and has an opening of about 6 cm which is ideal for dwarf hamsters and other rodents of similar size and an opening of about 7 cm which is ideal for Syrian Hamsters (Golden Hamsters) and animals of similar size. The six rooms can be used in many ways - each animal has its own individual preferences. After a while, certain tasks are assigned to each room.

Made of natural untreated birch wood
Hassle-free nest control through removable roof
Roof suitable as a roof terrace

A fully grown dwarf hamster can grow up to 6 cm wide with filled cheek pouches. A full grown Syrian Hamster (Golden Hamster) can grow up to 7 cm wide with filled cheek pouches.

Ø 6 cm - Openings are suitable for Dwarf hamsters and animals of a similar size
Ø 7 cm - Openings are suitable for Syrian Hamsters (Golden Hamsters) and similarly sized animals.

If the entrances to the hamster house are too narrow, the hamster will have to squeeze through. As a result, the hoarded grains can damage the mucous membranes of the inside of the cheek pouches, which can lead to abscesses of the cheek pouches.

resin free and nail and staple free

Did you know?
Many hamsters close the entrances to the house themselves by putting bedding against them? They do this in the wild too!

Top quality birch wood was used for the Rodipet Meerkamerhuis. The layered structure of the birch wood used effectively prevents warping due to moisture or temperature fluctuations. This is especially important with the roof of the house. In addition, birch wood as deciduous wood is extremely suitable for rodents and ensures a healthy living environment.

Like in nature

In nature, small rodents live in (home-made) castles, in which they make several rooms. One room acts as a pantry where they hoard their food and the other rooms are used as bedrooms. In the wild, danger usually comes from above, so small rodents like to hide as quickly as possible. This has been taken into account in the development of the Rodipet Meerkamerhuis and the roof has an opening through which the animals can hide as quickly as possible if danger threatens, which in turn gives them a sense of security.

Did you know?
The wildlife often builds multiple storage rooms. If one is looted, they always have the other. A multi-room house makes this possible and therefore approaches the natural behavior of the animals.

Most rodents do their "business" in corners

We therefore recommend placing a corner toilet in the corner where the animal does its business. The Rodipet Ceramic Toilet is very suitable for this. This ensures better hygiene in the house.

Is the Meerkamerhuis suitable for Hamsterscaping?

Yes for sure! The Meerkamerhuis is very suitable for Hamsterscaping ! Hamsterscaping is mainly about a natural interior that is geared to the natural needs of the animals. One of these needs is being able to take shelter. As in the wild, the multi-room house gives the animals several rooms, where they can, for example, build their nest and storeroom. In addition, small rodents are prey animals that like to flee and hide. Not only do they do this when something frightens them, but in general they also like to have several hiding places.

We always think it's very nice to put a piece of dried moss on the roof or plateau, it gives a very nice natural look to the house and fits perfectly in a
natural decor!

Why a multi-room house for small rodents?

Small rodents such as Mice , Dwarf Hamsters , Hamsters , Gerbils and Degus . like to keep a food supply close to their nest. In the wild, the animals live in burrows and have a special room for the collected food, which we call the pantry. The multi-room houses thus imitate the natural habitat of the animals and give the rodents the opportunity to use several rooms.

For group animals (Mouse, Gerbil, Degoe) the multi-room houses have an additional advantage, being able to avoid each other in the event of a disagreement or argument. Although group animals like to be together, there can be disagreements from time to time that make the animals less comfortable with each other's presence. Multiple rooms are ideal for these moments and the animals can retreat to their own room.

Why a removable roof?

Thanks to a removable roof you can take a look inside the house without disturbing the nest. You can then check whether there are older food stocks that need to be removed, especially fresh vegetables are very perishable. With a removable roof this is done quickly and the small rodents are not disturbed because you do not have to lift the whole house. In addition, the nest can be inspected undisturbed if there are offspring.

What is the advantage of the flat roof?

The flat roof of the House has the advantage that it is a stable place to place, for example, a small food or drinking bowl, but it is also a nice place to put down a snack or to place the running wheel, for example, and in the summer you can place a cooling stone.

Are the openings big enough for the cheek pouches?

Yes, sure! The Meerkamerhuis has openings with a diameter of about 7 cm, which is large enough for Dwarf Hamsters (Roborovski Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Campbelli Dwarf Hamster, Chinese Dwarf Hamster) and Hamsters (Syrian Hamster / Gold Hamster) to walk through the opening with full cheek pouches. It is very important that the openings of a house are large enough. If the entrances to a hamster house are too small, the hamster will have to squeeze through. As a result, the hoarded grains can damage the mucous membranes of the inside of the cheek pouches, which can lead to abscesses of the cheek pouches.

What is the best way to clean the wooden house?

A wooden house can be cleaned in a simple way, depending on the use of the animals. The animals can use the house as shelters, in that case it will remain quite clean, but the animals can also use the house as food storage or as a sleeping house and if you are really unlucky also as a toilet , but luckily that doesn't happen that way often. If the animals do leave a puddle, which often happens with Muisjes, we recommend a urine spray . This breaks down the urine of the animals and in this way cleans the wood.

Can this multi-room house be used for group animals?

Yes you can! For group animals (Mouse, Gerbil, Degoe) we always recommend placing at least one large house in the enclosure where all the animals fit together. Group animals like to be together and often hide together and sleep together. By offering the animals at least one large house like this, we meet this important natural need.

For which rodents is the Meerkamerhuis suitable?

The Meerkamerhuis is a spacious house with several rooms that is suitable as a sleeping or shelter for Muisjes , Dwarf Hamsters , Hamsters , Gerbils , Degus .

Rodipet multi-room house rodent hamster

Rodipet® brand quality

Our wood products are made with a lot of love for animals. This includes precise craftsmanship and neat finishing. The wood has no splinters or wood glue residue. Rodipet® products generally do not use nails, staples or other materials that could hurt the animals.

Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 10 cm (lxbxh)
Openings: Ø 6 cm | Ø 7 cm
Material: Birch wood
Open Bottom: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Lemming, Hamster, Gerbil, Degu
Particularities: -
Rodipet Multi-room House DaVinci 31 x 28 cm
10 / 10
10 / 10
Nina 22 August 2022

Mijn syrische hamster is er dol op en gebruikt het veel. zeker een aanrader!

10 / 10
Adinda 09 January 2022

Heerlijk ruim en mooi afgewerkt. Ik gebruik ze voor mijn 4 kleurmuizen en zij zijn er onwijs blij mee.

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