Bunny Nature RabbitDream Winter Outdoor 1.5 kg
RabbitDream Winter Outdoor 1.5 kg €12,99

RabbitDream Winter Outdoor 1.5 kg

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Product description

Bunny Nature RabbitDream Winter Outdoor 1.5 kg

Bunny Nature RabbitDream Winter Outdoor is complete food for rabbits that are kept outside in the winter. Strengthening the immune system thanks to extra vitamins & proteins, Supporting the airways with the help of Aniseed, Narrow plantain & Chamomile blossoms. With the addition of Linseed & zinc for a full and dense winter coat.

  • Strengthening the immune system
    A plus in vitamins & proteins
  • Respiratory support
    Aniseed, Narrow Plantain & Camille Blossoms
  • Dense coat
    Flax seeds & zinc

Some rabbits and guinea pigs stay outside in the fresh air even in wet weather, while others go back inside. In both cases, the animals begin to prepare for the cold season. And we can help them with that!

Only healthy and adult animals are suitable for outdoor living. Seniors (rabbits from 6 years, guinea pigs from 5 years) as well as sick, weak, pregnant and young animals have a weaker immune system. They stay inside better.

If rabbits move in from the garden during the cold period of the year, we recommend that you do this early (best in the beginning of autumn). Otherwise they already start shedding their summer fur to develop their winter fur. This shed is not necessary indoors and they would get too hot.

Rex rabbits and long-haired breeds are not suitable for outdoor living due to their fur.

  • Balanced Long-Life recipe
    All components are important and correctly dosed
  • 3-Fiber Mix
    3 different fiber lengths for rubbing off the teeth and a healthy intestinal flora
  • Optimal ratio of fiber to starch
    Protects against greasing


A shedding can be very stressful for a rabbit. He often has to clean his coat to get rid of his old coat. As a result, it can sometimes happen that the rabbit swallows its fur. This can lead to hairballs and thus also to digestive problems.

Even in rabbits that live inside, shedding can of course not be completely avoided. Their biological clock tells them when it's time to shed. Good coat care and the right diet are very important during this period.

There is a large selection of combs and brushes available for pet care in the pet shop. It is important that these are soft and cannot cause injury to the animal. During combing it is best to take the animal with a hand under the chest and pelvis and place it on your lap. Especially with long-haired rabbits you should certainly take care of the coat during the shedding period to avoid tangles. With these varieties, we even recommend brushing and combing them daily.

To support the shedding and to get used to weather change, we recommend using bunny proFIT balance

in addition to the basic feed (both for animals that live indoors and outdoors).

bunny proFIT balance contains beer yeast which in turn contains vitamins B1, B2 and B6. Together with vitamin A and zinc, this supports the metabolism of the skin and stimulates the shedding.

proFIT balance is available for all foli / herbivores (herbivores) and also for granivores (grain eaters). Since not only rabbits shed, we also recommend proFIT for all other small mammals.

Their menu must also include high-quality hay, such as our bunny Fresh Grass Hay or the bunny hay from nature-protected meadows. This is especially important for digestion.

Bunny Nature RabbitDream Winter Outdoor supports outside rabbits in every way!

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Bunny Nature RabbitDream Winter Outdoor 1.5 kg
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