Bunny Nature FreshGras for rodents & rabbits

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Bunny Nature FreshGras for rodents & rabbits!

For many animals, hay is part of the basic diet. The hay content in the digestive plan is high and therefore the quality of the hay is also very important. Decisive for the acceptance, but also for the balance of the diet and the entire coverage of the needs.bunnyNature Fresh grass Hay stands for the highest quality with a maximum diversity of plants.

Origin of quality and processing of the Bunny Nature FreshGras

The multiplicity of plants, the processing and the fiber structure are decisive for premium hay. We ensure constant product quality with our high standards. We pay attention to the fact that the hay offers a maximum of taste and nutrients for animals due to its multitude of plants. We only use prudent indoor-dried hay to ensure that the taste and nutrients are not lost during processing. Only in this way we avoid the harmful influences of the environment and the hay remains natural,
such as immediately after the harvest and without the loss of vitamins.

And so the hay should be fiber-rich, crunchy and dust-free, and nothing else would end up in our pockets. For optimal tooth wear and a healthy gastrointestinal tract, the crunchy culinary stems and the optimal raw fiber content are necessary. And dust does not belong in a bag of hay at all. On the contrary, it would be unhealthy for the airways and the eyes of the animals. We ensure a particularly good quality of the hay, so that the animals will do well.

The FreshGras consists of no less than 18 different plant species:

Doddegras, fescue, large foxtail, ryegrass, red fescue, field meadow grass,
ostrich, redcurrant, red fescue with suckers, perennial ryegrass, dandelion, silver herb, wall, yarrow, narrow plantain, white clover, red clover, roller clover.

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