Bunny Nature Dream Expert for rodents & rabbits

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bunny nature rodent food

Bunny Nature Dream Expert for rodents and rabbits!

Simply put, we look at their diet in nature as well as the needs and activities of your pet. We can describe it loosely, but in our bunny basic food a lot of knowledge, research and development - and also a lot of love. Of course we mean love for the animals. For us it is essential that pets receive food that is tailored to their species. and for this only balanced recipes and the best ingredients are considered - without ifs or buts. Very consistent. healthy and happy animals are our mission!

Some hamsters love to eat pellets and extrudates, while others always leave them untouched in their bowl. Because of their pickiness, these hamsters have to deal with a lack of important nutrients, such as vitamins and trace elements. Vital plus granivore, a special blend of vitamins and trace elements, makes the use of pellets and extrudates in the expert products superfluous.

Not all dwarf hamsters find the same food tasty. That applies as much to people as to animals. for example, some dwarf hamsters do not like eating pellets or extrudates at all. We have succeeded in further developing our Bas IC product and making it tasty for animals that do not want to eat pellets and extrudates at all. Our special mix of vitamins and trace elements makes it possible, for example, to fully distance from vitamin pellets. added powering ingredients also provide important proteins and minerals.

A successful, new recipe. Valuable powering ingredients such as quinoa, amaranth and mung beans as well as tasty herbs, mealworms and crickets. Thanks to our unique Vital plus granivore mix we have not had to use pellets or extrudates - a big plus for picky eaters. The recipe is completely balanced and is very popular with gerbils ,
since it offers them all the vitamins and minerals that they need.

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