Bunny Nature Botanicals Nutritional concept for rodents & rabbits

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Bunny Nature all nature Botanicals the natural nutritional concept for rodents and rabbits!

»All nature BOTANICALS« of bunny stands for excellent structural food of the highest quality. The finely tuned, component-rich mixtures were developed with great knowledge and love for detail according to specific recipes by veterinarians and specialists in small mammals, carefully blended by the bunny team and lovingly hand-wrapped. Only the best and purest ingredients with an intense taste are worth using for this. Nature, the natural habitat of the herbivores, serves as an example for the 'all nature concept' and is 100% based on it.

Raw feed is absolutely fantastic. It offers the herbivores numerous culinary possibilities and long chewing moments. Simply ideal. Until now as a snack. And now there is - thanks to a special combination of raw materials - also a balanced complete feed available!

For feeding as a snack

... the »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX and MID MIX« is particularly suitable thanks to the fine ingredients and the natural composition. The combination corresponds to the natural menu of the herbivores and ideally completes the daily menu. All varieties taste deliciously fresh and provide tasty variety.

For feeding as complete food

... the complete "all nature" concept is also excellent. The feed is tailored to individual needs and can be put together as desired in a modular system. For the main part, the »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX« varieties are used to taste and are mixed with the »BOTANICALS MID MIX« varieties in the correct proportion. The 'all nature VITAMINS' are added and the total structure feed is completed - without pellets and extrudates. For animals that are not able or allowed to eat other processed / pressed foods, and still want to enjoy a balanced staple diet. With this concept, the herbivores are fully taken care of in a natural, unadulterated way.

Bunny Nature All Nature Botanicals Herbs for rodents and rabbits

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