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Bunny Nature Rodent

Bunny is a family business that was founded out of love for the animal. The aim was and is today to prepare the optimal, healthy food for small mammals that matches the original living environment and the needs of the animals.
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bunny nature rodent food for mouse, gerbil, hamster, dwarf hamster, rat, guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit Bunny is a family business that was founded out of love for the animal. The aim was and continues to be to prepare today the optimum, healthy food for small mammals that is precisely tailored to the original environment and the needs of the animals.

A company that works closely with leading rodent veterinarians, including scientific research in the production of rodent food and accessories. Bunny is one of the first manufacturers to develop a low-sugar diet for small rodents, reducing the risk of diabetes to a minimum.

For example, Bunny himself says: " When developing and producing animal-friendly food, we always focus on the animals. Where do they come from, what do they eat there, what do their social attitudes and eating habits look like. Of course it is not only important to simply know their nutritional needs - their consistent conversion into the choice of the right feed makes the difference ".

The Bunny Nature Lucky Formula

Being happy starts with the right, balanced diet. That is the starting point. Rodents that receive coordinated food are happy and healthy. And rodents who don't have to worry about their next meal are particularly happy and healthy. That immediately brings us to the Bunny Nature lucky formula. The Bunny recipes is always based on the absolute interests of the rodents. Bunny knows that for nutritional reasons it is necessary to make the feed available to the animals ad libitum. this way they can meet their needs without overeating or becoming overweight. With its unique bunny recipes, Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced food, the highest quality ingredients and a particularly controlled production ... to cover the nutritional needs of your rodent. as nature shows us. And of course that happens without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugars, colorings & aromas.

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