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Did you know that rodents and rabbits love toys? After all, they spend most of their time in their cage, so let's make sure they don't get bored! With the right toys you not only create a great environment, but also give them everything they need. Let's t
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Rodent and Rabbit Toys - Fun with a touch of nature and a hint of gnawing delight!

Did you know that rodents and rabbits are crazy about toys? After all, they spend most of their time in their cages, so let's make sure they never get bored! With the right toys, you can not only create a fantastic environment but also provide them with everything they need. Let's take a closer look at some essential items.

Rodent Houses - the little cave of their dreams!

Houses are not just for sleeping. They provide a sense of security, just like rodents experience in nature in their burrows. It's fantastic to satisfy their natural hiding needs and give them a cozy place where they feel safe.

Toys for Rodents - challenge and fun rolled into one!

Toys are essential for rodents! Since they spend a lot of time in their enclosures, they need sufficient stimulation to avoid boredom. When choosing toys, it's important to consider the natural needs of each rodent. Clever rabbits love puzzle games that make them think. For small chewers, there are special play areas, digging towers, and climbing structures to help them burn off their excess energy.

Rodent Hammocks - lounging in style!

Hammocks are particularly beloved by rats. They enjoy hanging out in a comfy hammock at the top of their cage. But other rodents like mice, hamsters, and chinchillas also enjoy a relaxing nap in a hammock! Most hammocks even have two sides: one with a warm filling for winter and a cool side for summer.

Exercise Wheels for Rodents - running for the gold!

For hamsters, an exercise wheel is an absolute must! These little athletes cover miles during the night. A wheel is the perfect way for them to expend their energy. Just make sure the wheel is big enough for your rodent, so they can run to their heart's content comfortably.

Natural Enrichment for Rodents - green is the new cool!

A natural setup for rodent habitats is all the rage these days! The more natural, the better. We call it "Hamsterscaping." It's not only fun to do but your rodents will love it too! Create a paradise with natural materials and watch them have a blast in their own natural environment.

At DRD Rodent Shop®, you'll find everything you need for a rodent and rabbit paradise!

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