Cage Equipment for rodents & Koijnen

Everything for the decoration of the rodent & rabbit cage!
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Because rodents spend most of their time in their cages, it is important that they are properly equipped and provide the animals with all the necessities. For example, a walking wheel is indispensable for a hamster and a house not only provides a place to sleep, but also promotes the feeling of safety.

Cottages for rodents

Cottages are very important for rodents. It is not just a place where they can sleep. The cottages give a sense of security. In nature the animals live in caves, a house actually mimics their hole and meets the natural need for shelter.

Toys for rodents

Toy is of course very important for rodents! Because they spend a large part of their lives in the stay, they have to get a lot of challenge not to get bored. When purchasing rodent toys it is good to look at the natural need of the rodent. The intelligence games are very suitable for rabbits. They are busy with this for a long time and have to think about it. For smaller goats, there are special playgrounds, digging towers and climbing equipment to put their energy into.

Hammocks for rodents

The hammocks are particularly nice for Ratjes. Rats like to hang in a hammock at the top of their cage. But also other rodents such as mice, hamsters and chinchillas like to hang in a hammock! Most hammocks have two sides, one side with a warm filling for the winter and a cool side for the summer.

Walking rods for rodents

A running wheel is a must for hamsters! These small animals travel kilometers per night. A running wheel is the ideal way for the animals to lose their energy. It is important that the wheel is large enough for the rodent.

Natural device for rodents

Nowadays, a natural decoration of the rodent stay is completely hip! How natural the better. Forming the rodent stay is also called Hamsterscaping. Hamsterscaping is not only fun to do, but also very nice for the rodents!

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