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Rodipet Organic Hybrid Hamster Food Senior 500 grams
Organic Hybrid Hamster Food Senior 500 grams €9,95

Organic Hybrid Hamster Food Senior 500 grams

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Product description

Rodipet Hybrid Compound Feed for Hybrid Dwarf Hamsters

Hamster food for the hybrid dwarf hamster. This mixture is specially tailored to the needs of hybrid dwarf hamsters with an increased risk of diabetes. The unique Rodipet® Hybrid food is the result of the successful Rodenti® expeditions to the land of the dwarf hamsters, expanded through intensive exchanges with veterinarians in the field of diabetes research. This network formation makes the Rodipet® Hybrid a very special dwarf hamster food for healthy animals, but also especially for those dwarf hamsters that are prone to diabetes.

Nutrition appropriate for the age
With herbs and vegetables and high-quality, natural ingredients
Corresponding to the hamster's natural diet
From controlled organic cultivation DE-ÖKO-021

This food is designed to prevent insulin spikes and thus prevent the development of diabetes in dwarf hamsters.

The basis of the Rodipet Dwarf Hamster food is a whole series of trips to central Asia, where the dwarf hamsters live in the wild. These observations have contributed to the creation of a diet that not only meets the nutritional needs of the dwarf hamsters, but is also true to nature and approaches the natural diet of the animals.

32 selected ingredients from certified organic cultivation

Each of the 34 components of our Organic Dwarf Hamster Food is selected based on the food available to wild Dwarf Hamsters in their natural habitat and is carefully controlled by us. Only ingredients that meet the highest quality standards are used in our feed mixes. This makes every bite a feast for the senses for your little gourmet. And to make sure no fertilizer or even pesticide residues spoil the little furry friend's appetite, we use 100% organic ingredients in this food.

Always fresh from our feed kitchen!

Vitamins and other micronutrients are broken down in long-term storage and especially through contact with air - that's why we keep our stocks small, mix our food fresh every day and fill it into airtight cans.

Why organic?

Convince yourself or your animal of the significantly more intense taste, the richer mineral and vitamin content and an impressive aroma! Your rodent will enjoy the difference with all its senses.

As an organic farm, we are subject to EC-ÖKO regulations. Closed business cycles are investigated according to the organic cultivation model, which dispenses with genetic manipulation, chemical crop protection and, especially important for small rodents, the renunciation of pesticides. The biological inspection body DE-ÖKO-021 regularly carries out annual biological inspections.

Composition Rodipet Organic Dwarf Hamster Food Junior

Buckwheat, plata millet, wild millet, hemp seed, roasted soy seeds, quinoa, dwarf millet, camelina, barley, Timothes seeds, milk thistle, sesame, walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, aniseed, brown linseed, golden linseed, rapeseed, alfalfa slices, lemon leaf, fennel seed, pine nuts , nettle leaves, heather flowers, lady's mantle herb, evening primrose seeds, marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, mountain thyme (all ingredients from organic farming) DE-ÖKO-021

Analytical components: crude fiber: 6.0%, crude protein: 17.5%, crude fat: 12.7%, crude ash: 3.2% Naturally present elements per 100 g: calcium: 190 mg, phosphorus: 490 mg , magnesium: 230 mg, potassium: 670 mg, sodium: 32 mg Naturally present trace elements per 100 g: iron: 87.1 mg, manganese: 32.4 mg, zinc: 35.7 mg, copper: 6.7 mg

Content: 500 grams
Composition: Buckwheat, plata millet, wild millet, hemp seeds, roasted soy kernels, quinoa, dwarf millet, camelina, barley, Timothes seeds, milk thistle, sesame, walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, aniseed, brown linseed, golden flax seeds, rape seed, slices of lucerne, le
Analysis: Ruwe celstof: 6,0%, ruw eiwit: 17,5%, ruw vet: 12,7%, ruwe as: 3,2% Natuurlijk aanwezige elementen per 100 g: calcium: 190 mg, fosfor: 490 mg, magnesium: 230 mg, kalium: 670 mg, natrium: 32 mg Natuurlijk aanwezige sporenelementen per 100 g: ijzer: 87,1 mg
Suitable for: Rodents, Hybrid Dwarf Hamster
Particularities: Complete feed
Rodipet Organic Hybrid Hamster Food Senior 500 grams
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