JR Farm Gnawing Nettle Harvest
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Gnawing Nettle Harvest

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Product description

JR Farm Nettle Harvest for Rodents & Rabbits!

rodent herbs friendly to bees and butterflies The JR Farm Nettle (urtica dioca) is one of the most famous wild plants. The nettle is therefore part of the natural diet of many rodents. In the wild, the animals use the medicinal properties of the nettle to their advantage.

Pure Nature Straight from the farmer!
Rich in fiber and has a cleansing effect
Supports digestion and intestinal flora
Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping !
x Do not use in pregnant and lactating animals

Nettle helps with skin problems and prevents oily skin and coat. This is mainly due to a high content of folic acid or B11, B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantthathenic acid), calcium, zinc, silicon and sulfur. The nettle is a very rich plant, so it can also be used to strengthen in anemia or anemia, mineral deficiencies, weakness or old age weakness. The nettle has a remineralizing effect because it contains iron, silicon, calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, magnesium, zinc, sulphur, manganese, chromium and nitrates. In addition, it helps to remove uric acid from the body and is therefore a medicine against gout, osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Nettle is one of the better known herbs because it is so widely applicable. Nettle leaves support the moisture balance and stimulate the metabolism.

The nettle harvest can be used as a natural (rodent) snack, but is also fun for a natural rodent enclosure! For the larger rodents, the nettle branches can be placed in the enclosure as gnawing and nibbling material, but the twigs can also serve as decoration in the small rodent enclosure. Especially great for hamsterscapes!

The harvest is 100% natural, untreated and comes directly from the farmer. For that reason, there may still be biodiversity.

Do the Nettle leaves sting?

No absolutely not. The leaves have dried and have lost their protective function.

Is the Nettle Harvest suitable for Hamsterscaping?

Yes, of course! It is very nice to use for Hamsterscaping , not only as a natural decoration, but also as a healthy and natural gnawing material to wear down the teeth of the animals. It's actually a very natural approach to how the wildlife also wears their teeth, they do this by gnawing on different types of branches, so in that sense the Nettle harvest appeals to the natural behavior of rodents and rabbits!

Do all Rodents and Rabbits like the Nettle Harvest?

Yes for sure! The Nettle Harvest falls under the harvest with herbs , which is different from harvesting with seeds or harvesting with leaves . The harvest with herbs is best suited as food for herbivorous (plant-eating) rodents (guinea pig, chinchilla, degu) and rabbit. These animals like to eat the leaves as a source of fiber and then nibble on the branches with the added function of wearing down the teeth.

The granivorous (seed-eating) rodents, such as mice, dwarf hamsters, hamsters, gerbils and rats eat the leaves less quickly, they only do this when they need extra fiber. The Nettle harvest will mainly be used as an extra source of fiber and as a healthy gnawing material for these animals.

Is gnawing important for rodents?

Some rodents gnaw wood very actively and others don't at all. It is on the one hand a matter of taste, but on the other hand a matter of need. If a rodent has no need to gnaw because the teeth stay at a good length through food, hay or other nibbles, then he will gnaw on wood less. It is good to always offer natural gnawing material so that the animals can always gnaw if they have a need to gnaw.

Gnawing wood is used by rodents to wear down their teeth. Because the teeth of rodents always grow, they need to be chewed regularly so that they do not become too long and grow crooked.

How long does the Nettle Harvest last?

That differs greatly for which animal you use it and what the gnawing needs of the animals are. If they have a great gnawing need and it is urgent that the teeth are sharpened, the harvest will be nibbled up quickly, but in practice we actually see that animals nibble on it regularly and that the harvest lasts several changes.

Does the harvest always have such beautiful green leaves?

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The harvest is dried, so that the leaves are also dried. Just like in nature, the leaves detach quickly when they are dry. In addition to the drying process, nature also influences the shape and richness of this natural product and it can differ significantly from the harvest in the photo shown.

What is the function of Nettle Harvest?

Initially, the JR Farm Nettle harvest has the function of gnawing wood to wear down the teeth. The dry leaves that travel along on the twigs or in the packaging are an extra source of fiber for the animals or can be used as green decoration for hamster scapes. Finally, the Nettle harvest can be used as a decoration for hamsterscaping.

How is the Nettle Harvest stored with us?

It is nice to know that we receive this crop directly from the manufacturer and can therefore offer very good freshness. In our warehouse, the harvest is kept cool, dry and UV-free. The latter is important to prevent the breakdown of nutrients by UV light. We therefore recommend that you always store the harvest in a dark, cool and dry place.

jr farm rodent snacks and food for rodents and rabbits

Content (approx): 40 grams
Composition: Nettle
Analysis: -
Promotes Foraging: Yes, by scattering around
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: Natural product, which means that the color and quantity of leaves/flowers can deviate significantly from the image shown. Fragile, which means that twigs can be broken. Bundled so that twigs can be entangled.
JR Farm Gnawing Nettle Harvest
10 / 10
10 / 10
Mandy 01 July 2020

Goed gedroogd. Precies zoals verwacht. Hamsters zijn er dol op

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