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Organization of the rodent pantry

You open the cupboard and immediately a bag falls in your direction .... you put it back and before you know it the next bag starts to slide and yes, a jar falls over as well. who immediately takes the other six pots with him. If you are, you will be awar

The "Home Edit" on Netlfix is a resounding success and in our opinion that is absolutely right! When you see how the two ladies Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplinde transform houses and pantries into beautifully organized places, you want to get started yourself.

storage rodent food and snacks storage tray

The usefulness of good organization

Good stock planning and organization is no stranger to us. We are working on this every day. We also make a tight schedule with regard to how much stock we store and how.

For example, did you know that our food, snacks and hay are completely shielded from sunlight?

We have also broken our heads to buy and keep food, snacks and hay beautifully fresh and fresh for your animals:) This is a very nice challenge that involves a lot of planning and sometimes a little creativity that we are happy to share with you !

Keep food and snacks fresh

You will notice that a good organization is much more than just a nice bowl on the shelf. Planning what to buy and what to keep in stock is just as important. For example, do you want to buy food for your hamster for a whole year? Then you have to have the right storage conditions so that the quality of the food remains good.

Our advice for a good organization

-> Buy food for a maximum of 3 months. This is easy to store and retains its quality even if it is not properly stored once.

-> Store food for daily use in a closed box in the cupboard. Never open a new bag before you empty the box. As soon as the box is empty, open a new bag and fill the box.

-> Thanks to a transparent box you can see exactly what is in it, which gives a good overview and control of the stock. You can also see how much you have left and whether the food still looks good.

-> Always place the boxes in a cupboard that is protected from sunlight. The quality of some ingredients in the diet can deteriorate due to the influence of sunlight.

Food should be kept dark, right?

That is indeed correct. To preserve the quality of food it is advisable to store it dark. The transparent boxes do not seem handy in that sense, but nothing could be further from the truth. We explain it on the basis of this list of advantages and disadvantages:

X Foodstuffs stored outside a cupboard are more vulnerable to decomposition by sunlight
You can easily see how much food you have left
You can clearly see what the food looks like from all sides (moths, vermin present)
You can see exactly what is what if there are several boxes next to or on top of each other (no labels required)

Planning for nutrition

As an example, let's take stock planning for a Syrian Hamster.

bunny nature hamster food First of all, we look at which food we want to stock. In our example we take the Bunny Nature Hamster food. The manufacturer does not provide nutritional advice for this food, so we are not sure how many grams per day we should give, which makes it even more difficult. No problem, we take an average of 10 grams per day to be sure.

We now know how much feed we want to give per day, then we move on to how much feed we need to buy to cover three months.

10 grams (per day) x 90 days (3 months) = 900 grams

Of course it never works out! That's always the case :) A bag of Bunny Nature is 700 grams, then you will be 200 grams short. We are therefore going to take 2 bags, because only then will we have definitely made it to 3 months. With two bags of food of 1400 grams = 1.4 kg you can last up to 140 days. That is more than 4.5 months. Good to know!

Which storage box do you need now?

1400 grams easily fits in the 2000 ml box. A small tool for determining exactly where the feed fits in by making the comparison between content and weight. We have to add right away that this does not always correspond, but for food it is very close to each other. For example, we can say that 500 grams of food reasonably corresponds to 500 ml of content. Elaborating on this, we can also say that 1400 grams = 1.4 kg fits in 2000 ml = 2 kg

Save time, space and money

In the beginning it is a hassle, you first have to figure it out and then apply it, but once you are organized you will find that it not only saves you time, but also money.

You will never buy too much again, so you will not get any surplus that you might have to throw away sooner
You always have control and overview
You get more cupboard space in return because boxes are easier to place and stack than bags.
It also makes you happy, because if you open the closet and see how beautiful everything looks it will be a pleasure to open the closet instead of a change because everything falls out: p

For the many owners and influencers who don't dare to show their pantry, now it is possible! In fact, we challenge you to show your pantry! Show your pantry and inspire each other: D

The products below can help you organize the pantry;)

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