Basic equipment for the Hamster

Syrian Hamsters (Golden Hamsters) are real diggers and nest builders, the animals must always be able to display this natural behavior in their enclosure. Our basic furnishing is geared to this.

When we talk about the Hamster, we mean the Syrian Hamster. The Hamster is a lot bigger than the dwarf hamster in construction. We always make a difference between a Dwarf Hamster and a Syrian Hamster, because many houses and toys that are suitable for dwarf hamsters, are unfortunately not for Syrian Hamsters. This ensures that you always know exactly which product is suitable for which animal. Now back to basic furnishings! We have put together one for the Hamster, below we explain what it should contain.

Hamster Cage / Lodging

We have opted for a glass enclosure with sliding doors at the front for the hamster. Because hamsters are prey animals, they don't like to be approached from above, so we chose an enclosure where the animals are approached from the front. This will also be very helpful in taming new animals as they are not likely to startle you if you come from the front. The terrarium also has a high edge so that you can use a lot of ground cover.

The minimum dimensions for a hamster house are 100 x 50 cm.

Ground cover

As a bedding we have chosen the Cotton & Cotton below, this is a very pleasant bedding that is very well accepted by all hamsters. We have deliberately not opted for a mix bedding here, because we take into account that your Hamster can sometimes be a long hair, if so, not every bedding or mix is suitable, because pieces can remain in the fur. This is not the case with Cotton, which is very suitable for long hair. If you don't have long hair, mixing is no problem. In that case, you could also opt for Cotton & Wood Fiber or Cotton & Hemp, then you no longer have to mix it yourself! Thanks to the good absorption of these ground covers, you also save a lot of time!

The height of the bottom layer of the bedding for small rodents

Sleeping houses

We have opted for a multi-room house as a basic sleeping house. At first you might think "that's big", but the hamster really needs a spacious basic house, in addition, some hiding places in the form of smaller houses and tunnels are very nice, but a basic house is a MUST. The multi-room house meets the natural needs of the hamster because it has several rooms, just like in nature. The hamster can keep its food in one room and make its nest in another room. The lid is removable so you can always check if everything is still going well. The house can be placed under the ground cover, but also on top of the ground cover. In the latter case, matching legs are available that you can mount under the house so that it cannot be buried.

We opted for a cork tunnel as a shelter. This can be used as an extra hiding place and also looks beautiful in a natural enclosure. The tunnel can be placed under the ground cover or on top of it. You can go anywhere with it!

Nest material

Hamsters are real nest builders, so the animals always need nesting material to show their natural behaviour. We chose kapok as nesting material, but cotton or hemp nesting material could also be used. Kapok is nice and warm and hamsters like to cover their nest with it.

running wheel

As a running wheel we have chosen the Rodipet Heureka running wheel. OK, it looks a bit futuristic, but we are happy to explain why we think this is an ideal exercise wheel for your hamster! First of all, it is mouse and mouse quiet, so you can safely place the stay in the bedroom without being kept awake at night. In addition, the running wheel is made of special plastic, which makes it very easy to clean compared to wood. More benefits to come! The special shape also has a function. The wide tread ensures a pleasant gait. Hamsters have a fairly wide walk, because the legs are more apart than in other rodents. Finally, the running wheel is so incredibly stable that tipping over is simply not possible.

hamster food

Of course your Hamster also needs food, but not just any food, the best food! We have found out for you which food this is. We have listed all the power supplies and compared the compositions. The Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert came out on top and that is why it should not be missing in the basic equipment.


Hamsters spend a large part of their time collecting food in the wild. They often go out into the fields, carrying different kinds of seeds in their cheek pouches. Collecting (we also call it harvesting) seeds is part of the natural behavior of the animals. We looked very specifically at which plant species promote this behavior and the linseed plant is one of them, so let the harvesting begin!

gnawing material

As gnawing material we have chosen responsible gnawing material consisting of 100% natural hazelnut wood sprinkled with dried vegetables and herbs. The animals like to nibble on it and can also frame their teeth in this way.


As a snack we opted for healthy and responsible pumpkin seeds. Hamsters love pumpkin seeds! Our advice is to use it when taming a new hamster. You can easily approach the animal through the front of the terrarium and hand out treats. Before you know it you have built a bond!

drinking bottle

They are the simplest bottles, but they work the best! The 150 ml is ideal for a Hamster.

drinking bottle holder

Nowadays we mainly keep Hamsters in glass houses and it is a drama to place a bottle in it and that is why we have developed special drinking bottle holders that you can easily place on the glass with a magnet.


Almost finally, we added moss. You are probably wondering what added value this has. It looks beautiful in an enclosure and the animals like to walk on it. In addition, you can use the moss part very nicely as a solid surface for a food bowl or to put something nice on.


Hamsters love to bathe in sand, so we have added a ready-made natural sandbox plus sand to this basic concept.

Would you really like to Hamsterscapen then more is needed, we will show that in the other articles that can be found in the inspiration category. But now you at least have the foundation from which you can build further. You can view the products below and easily order what you like! If you have any questions or need help, we are of course happy to help!

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