Basic equipment for the Chinchilla

Chinchillas are social animals that should always be kept with a congener. Chinchillas are especially active at dusk and in the evening. They are very nice, but not easy animals to keep.

Chinchillas are social animals that should always be kept with a congener. Chinchillas are especially active at dusk and in the evening. They are very nice, but not easy animals to keep.

Ground cover

We have opted for back 2 nature as the basic bedding for chinchillas. This is a ground cover made of paper that absorbs very well.

Sleeping houses

The chinchilla cage should have plenty of hiding places. This means that there must be a shelter for every animal. We have opted for the Trixie Rodent Willow House Basket 42 cm. As a second hiding place we have chosen the Trixie Wilgenbrug Blank 52 x 30 cm.


Chinchillas need chinchilla sand to care for their fur. As a sandbox we have chosen the stainless steel Chinchilla sandbox 29 cm. This sandbox is gnawing resistant. In addition, the open character is pleasant for the airways and gives a lot of freedom of movement. We use the Chinchilla sand from Witte Molen to fill the sandbox. The sandbox should be filled in such a way that it is heavy enough and will not tip over if a chinchilla is standing on the edge.


Of course, chinchillas also need food. Hay is very important! Chinchillas should always have hay available to them. This is essential for their digestion. We have opted for the Alpine meadow hay 1 kg VitaVerde from Vitakraft. In addition to hay, chinchillas also need kibble. We opted for Supreme Selective Chinchilla 1.5 kg.

food bowl

The kibble is best offered in a food bowl. We opted for the Hugro Auratus Cup. This is a beautiful, robust food bowl with a natural look. The food bowl is made of untreated birch wood and can therefore be gnawed to your heart's content!

Hay rack

We offer the hay in a hay rack. This way the stay remains as neat as possible. A suitable hay rack is the Trixie Hay Rack Wood Square 15 cm. The rack is made of natural wood and is collapsible.

gnawing material

Chinchillas are real rodents. It is always careful with which materials we can place in the cage, because they will gnaw almost everything. This may seem undesirable, but gnawing is necessary to wear down the teeth! That is why we must ensure that there is sufficient rodent material in the accommodation. We have chosen the JR Farm Back to Instinct Herbs Gnawing Root. This is a hard beech root filled with tasty herbs. The herbs make the root extra attractive to nibble on.


Of course we want to spoil the chinchillas every now and then. However, not all snacks are suitable for chinchillas. Chinchillas have a very sensitive digestive system and snacks should not contain too much sugar, fat or protein. We have opted for the Dried Rose Hips here. A rose hip is a suitable snack for chinchillas. However, the following applies to all snacks: in moderation!

drinking bottle

Of course, chinchillas also need drinking water. We recommend using a drinking bottle for chinchillas. A container can quickly become soiled. In addition, chinchillas are very prone to pneumonia, so they should not get wet. The drinking bottle must be rodent resistant. That is why we have chosen the Trixie Glass Drinking Bottle 500 ml.


It is of course important that the chinchillas have a good time. Chinchillas are curious animals and like to have something to do. The Colored Willow Balls 3.5 cm are great fun for chinchillas. These willow balls are colored with 100% natural dyes. Completely safe to nibble on! And now just wait and see how quickly they are demolished!

With these items you have a good basic furnishing for your chinchillas. Of course you can adjust the layout every so often or add other things. Below you can view the products and easily order what you like. Do you have any questions? Or do you need help furnishing the chinchilla enclosure? We would like to hear it!

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