Bunny Nature HamsterDream Basic 600 grams
HamsterDream Basic 600 grams €7,95 €8,49

HamsterDream Basic 600 grams

€8,49 €7,95
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Product description

Bunny Nature HamsterDream Basic 600 grams

bunny hamster dream basic We know hamsters very well. And that is why the composition is so diverse and balanced. Not only nutritional needs are taken into account, but also the necessary diversity of components for the eating and transport behavior of hamsters.

Bunny Hamster Dream is a full hamster food for hamsters. The nutritional needs of hamsters and the latest scientific research were central to the development of Bunny HamsterDroom Basic.

The composition is optimally tailored to the natural nutritional needs of hamsters. The content substances present are based on the natural environment of hamsters. Bunny really looked at the original food of hamsters as it is in the natural.

bunny hamster diet food for hamsters and diabetes This special mix consists of no less than 42 Components!

  • Mealworms
    High-quality care with animal protein
  • Cereals & seeds
    Valuable protein, unsaturated fatty acids & essential amino acids
  • Ideal particle size
    Optimal for hoarding
  • Balanced Long-Life recipe
    All components are important and dosed correctly
  • Selected extras from the origins of the hamster
    For example, barley, oat & linseed
  • Variety tailored to the animal
    Promotes natural behavior

Nutritional advice Bunny Nature Hamsterdroom Basis

Fill the food bowl with HamsterDream BASIC and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Please check the hamster storage room and remove any leftover feed if necessary. Give high-quality bunny hay (eg bunny Protein-Hay) and fresh, lukewarm water every day.

The Bunny Nature Happiness formula

Being happy starts with the right, balanced diet. That is the starting point. Rodents that receive tailored nutrition are happy and healthy. And rodents that do not have to worry about their next meal are particularly happy and healthy. That brings us immediately to the Bunny Nature formula. The Bunny recipes are always based on the absolute interests of the rodents. Bunny knows that for nutritional reasons it is necessary to make the feed ad libitum available for the animals. that way they can meet their needs every time without being overeaten or overweight. With its unique bunny recipes, Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced feed, the highest quality ingredients and a particularly controlled production ... to cover the nutritional needs of your rodent. as nature shows us. And that happens naturally without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugars, dyes & flavors.

Bunny Nature about the hamster

The hamster is a small, granivorous (seed-eating) mammal and belongs to the order of the rodents. He lives solitary in nature. He only seeks social partners to mate and to raise the boy. As a pet he is therefore the best alone. The hamster has a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years and reaches a body length of about 18 cm and a weight of about 180 g.

The hamster comes from Syria and the south of Turkey. Here he lives largely in underground tunnels, which he prefers to make in sandy clay soils and he is active during the day. Hamsters that are kept as pets are active at night.

Small but brave. The nutritional needs of the fast hamsters are multiple.

incisors, stomach, intestines The incisors

Hamsters have incisor teeth that continue to grow. The food must therefore be reasonably firm to bite (eg with different seeds that can be peeled)

The stomach

The stomach consists of two 'chambers', namely the gizzard and the glandular stomach.

The cecum

The 'granivorous' (seed-eating) hamster has a small appendix. He can only process raw fibers to a limited extent. The optimum raw fiber content in the feed is therefore below 10%.

Animal proteins

Animal proteins are required for the metabolism. The quantity must be carefully adapted to the needs of the animal.

High energy requirement

Hamsters are real energy bundles. They like to move and have a greater energy requirement based on their high metabolism.

bunny nature rodent food

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Bunny Nature HamsterDream Basic 600 grams
8 / 10
8 / 10
Marlene 01 May 2019

Zeer gevarieerd voedsel. Hamster eet er graag van.

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