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Forest Hamster Mill 30 cm
Forest Hamster Mill 30 cm €19,95 €22,95

Forest Hamster Mill 30 cm

€22,95 €19,95
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Product description

Forest Hamster Mill 30 cm

This beautiful wooden running wheel from the forest collection is made of untreated natural wood. This Hamster Mill has a very pleasant natural look thanks to the wood. The exercise wheel stands on a sturdy stand so that it cannot fall over and you can place it anywhere in the rodent enclosure.

Wooden running wheels generally run faster than plastic running wheels. Animals that are used to a plastic exercise wheel sometimes have to get used to a wooden exercise wheel because they have to make more effort to get it around. One hamster has more perseverance for this than the other, for that reason we cannot guarantee that all hamsters can get around this running wheel.

The running surface of these running wheels consists of loose pieces of wood that are glued together. So there are gaps between the sticks. The woods also naturally contain eyelets as they occur in wood. The running wheel has a rough finish.

Advantages Forest Hamster Mill 30 cm

Made from untreated natural wood
The running wheel runs quietly and smoothly thanks to the ball bearing
Stands firmly and stable thanks to the wide base
The rodents' nails wear better in a wooden walking wheel

Cons Forest Hamster mill 30 cm

Wooden running wheels are less easy to clean than plastic or aluminum running wheels. For example, a special Urine Spray can be used for this
Turning hard, some hamsters cannot get the exercise wheel forward because of this
Wood is a natural product that works. The running wheel is unbalanced and has a rough finish (not sanded smooth).

walking wheels for rodents such as mouse, dwarf hamster, hamster, gerbil, rat, chinchilla, degu

Hamsterscaping tip

Do you have an old wooden exercise wheel? Do not throw away! We would like to show you what you can do with it;) In a previous blog we already showed how to make a Ferris wheel with snacks. Now we show you that you can also make a great sandbox out of it.


Wooden walking wheels are not only fun to run in, but also ideal for taking a bath. Once transformed into a lovely sandbox, the walking wheels can be used for a very long time.


Making a sandbox from your old exercise wheel is actually quite easy. The trick is to demolish the wooden base at the back. So the round running part must be subtracted from the standard. It is important that there are no holes or cracks in the running wheel, otherwise the sand will run out.


If all goes well, you already have the right size. The exercise wheel where you can walk in, he can also bathe in it. As a rule, the measures will be as follows:

  • from 20 cm for Mouse, Dwarf Hamster
  • from 25 cm for Hamster, Gerbil
  • from 30 cm for Hamsters and Rats

forest running wheel hamsterscaping sandbox

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Diameter: ø 20 cm
Afmetingen: 20 x 12 x 23 cm (lxbxh)
Materiaal: Wood
Geschikt voor: Rodents, mouse, hamster, gerbil
Particularities: -
Forest Hamster Mill 30 cm
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