Fireworks & Rodents

Rodents and rabbits are shy animals that are very afraid of loud bangs. We are happy to give you some tips on how you can make your animals as pleasant as possible during the New Year.
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rodents old and new and fireworks

Supporting rodents & rabbits during the New Year

Rodents and rabbits are shy animals that are very afraid of loud bangs. We are happy to give you some tips on how you can make your animals as pleasant as possible during the New Year. Our first advice would be to move the accommodation further away from the windows and, if possible, in a room without windows, so that the animals do not see the flashes.


soothing wipes Special soothing wipes are available nowadays that can help to remove the sharp edges of fear.

The soothing wipes are based on GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid). This is a natural calming substance that occurs in the body of all mammals. As soon as the animal experiences stress, the dust (GABA) in the wipes ensures that the animal's brain is, as it were, fooled and thinks that they get a signal to calm down. The composition is predominantly based on Valerian oil (from Eastern Europe), with small inclusions from Vetiver (from Indonesia), Sweet Basil, (from Europe) and Clary Sage (from France) essential oils.

plant soothing wipes for rodents Many valerian products are so strong that they explore sedatively instead of sedative. This is not the case with the calming wipes from Pet Remedy. Pet Remedy's wipes have the right dosage that has a calming effect.

Valerian is a perennial herb with short rhizomes, aromatic feathered leaves and bunches of small pink or white flowers. There are more than 260 different types of Valerian globally, but only a few have calming properties and we get optimal results for pet remedies from Valeriana or Cinalis. This species is originally from Europe, North America and the northern part of Asia.

soothing wipes for rodents The oil is obtained by cold extraction from the rhizomes of the plant, Valeriana Officinalis, and has been used for centuries as an effective and safe sedative.

Known substances that are detected in valerian and that can contribute to the method of action are:

  • Sesquiterpenes: (contained in the essential oil): isovaleric acid, valerenic acid, valerenal and valerenol
    Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA)
  • Iridoids: including valepotriates: isovalrate and valtrate
  • Alkaloids: actinidine, chatinine, shyanthine, valerianine and valerine
  • Isovaleramide: can be produced during the extraction process
  • Flavanones: hesperidin, 6-methylapigenin and linarin


bach blossom rescue Bach Rescue is a 100% natural anti-stress remedy that provides quick relief in emergency situations that cause tension and stress, for example when pets are terrified or panicked. It helps the animal to stay calm in difficult situations, while the animal remains alert. Bach Rescue helps with illness, after an operation or for a visit to the vet or dog groomer, but Rescue is also used for animals that are nervous at shows or competitions. However, when the unrest is over, it is better for the longer term to make an individual mix of Bach Flower Remedies for the animal. The system of the 38 different Bach Flower Remedies then takes care of the deeper causes of the imbalances.


The special ingredients that chamomile contains can have a positive influence on the rest of your rodent or rabbit. Chamomile is a relaxing agent that can help you relax. It can also reduce nervousness, so that the animals stay calmer.


hide house for guinea pig The small rodents can hide comfortably under their thick layer of ground cover, but the larger rodents and rabbits are dependent on a cozy little house or hiding place. Animals that live together such as Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas and Degus often find comfort in each other. They cuddle together nicely, which gives them a lot of peace. If they can do that in a house that would be even better, then the feeling of security is complete.

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