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Gnawing Drinking Bottles for Degus

You are in the right place in our Degu webshop for a water bottle for your Degu. Here you will find different types and brands of drinking bottles for an attractive price. Ordering is easy and fast in our Degu webshop.
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degu drinking bottle and gnaw-resistant drinking bottles for degus

Order Drinking bottles for your Degus easily and quickly at DRD Rodent Shop ® The Degu Webshop for your Degu!

Fresh, clean drinking water is of course part of the basic care of a degu. Offering water from a container is of course like water from a bottle. However, a bottle is more convenient from a hygienic point of view. Of course, both a container and a bottle must be cleaned regularly.

Degus are real rodents! The selection and placement of the drinking bottle must be considered. In the absence of gnawing material or boredom, Degus can gnaw their plastic drinking bottle if it is within gnawing range. The best option for Degus is a glass drinking bottle and plenty of gnawing material and toys!

A plastic drinking bottle can only be attached from the outside of the enclosure and even then the danger remains that the animals will gnaw from the inside.

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