Bunny Nature DegoeDroom Basic 600 grams
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DegoeDroom Basic 600 grams

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Product description

Bunny DegoeDroom Basic 600 grams

Bunny Nature DegoeDroom 72 components are truly a dream. Something very special for the degus. This balanced recipe is the best food for the south american gnawers. Of course with components from their home country and without fruit to diabetes

Bunny DegoeDroom Basic is a complete food for Degoes. The nutritional need of degus and the latest scientific research were central to the development of Bunny DegoeDroom Basic. This natural nutritional mix consists of no less than 72 components!

Ratio of crude fiber starch: 3: 1

  • Biodivers
    42 different plants from untreated meadows
  • Plus vegetables & blossoms
    Active vital substances
  • Without fruit
    Preventing diabetes
  • Balanced Long-Life recipe
    All components are important and dosed correctly
    3-Fiber Mix
    3 different fiber lengths for rubbing the teeth and a healthy intestinal flora
  • With plants from the country of origin of the degu
    Amaranth, maca & Topinamboer

Nutritional advice Bunny DegoeDroom Basic

Fill the feeding trough with DegoeDroom BASIC and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Give high-quality bunny hay daily and fresh, lukewarm water.

The Bunny Nature Happiness formula

Being happy starts with the right, balanced diet. That is the starting point. Rodents that receive tailored nutrition are happy and healthy. And rodents that do not have to worry about their next meal are particularly happy and healthy. That brings us immediately to the Bunny Nature formula. The Bunny recipes are always based on the absolute interests of the rodents. Bunny knows that for nutritional reasons it is necessary to make the feed ad libitum available for the animals. that way they can meet their needs every time without being overeaten or overweight. With its unique bunny recipes, Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced feed, the highest quality ingredients and a particularly controlled production ... to cover the nutritional needs of your rodent. as nature shows us. And that happens naturally without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugars, dyes & flavors.

Bunny about the Degu

Degus belong to the order of the rodents and are small, folivorous / herbivorous (herbivorous) mammals. They are active during the day, very social and live in nature in large colonies of different family groups consisting of about 10 animals. As pets they also want a partner on their side. They have a life expectancy of about 5 to 7 years, but can also grow older. The body length is 12.5 to 19.5 cm and they reach a weight of about 170 to 350 g.

Degus are the most common rodents in Chile. They mainly inhabit the central and northern areas with low bushes and good hiding places from dense herbs and grasses. They also like to stay in stony ground layers with loose soil. There they build widespread digging corridors. They are also increasingly found in fields, gardens and parks. Degoes mainly feed on vegetable food.

Degus have their own nutritional needs.

bunny degoedroom basic is the food also in diabetes Teeth
There are two incisors in the upper and lower jaws, which, like the molars, continue to grow for life. A rough fiber structure in the diet is therefore absolutely essential for the health of the teeth.

The stomach is a so-called full-stomach stomach. It is only moderately muscled and therefore can not independently transport the food knit to the next part of the bowel. The following food portions take over that task, so to speak.

The cecum is the so-called yeast chamber. The fine dietary fibers that are converted by the special bacteria into proteins, vitamin B complex and vitamin K go there. The appendix cecrops that are taken back are released from the cecum.

To prevent diabetes, you should not give fresh fruit or other sugar and starchy components. This is also important in the choice of feed.

bunny nature rodent food

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Bunny Nature DegoeDroom Basic 600 grams
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10 / 10
s 01 March 2020

Het ziet er smakelijk uit en onze degoes eten het graag

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