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Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Active Ground cover 35 liters
BunnyBedding Active Ground cover 35 liters €21,95

BunnyBedding Active Ground cover 35 liters

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Product description

Bunny Nature Bunny Bedding Active Ground Cover for Rodents & Rabbits!

The Bunny Bedding Active is a mix of Flax, Straw pellets and Fir heartwood. As a result, this ground cover combines many excellent properties. This bedding has fantastic absorption, is super soft on the legs and ideal for stable tunnel construction for small rodents.

Stimulates natural digging behavior
Low dust and natural
Very excavable
May be disposed of in green waste

bunny bedding active bedding


Instructions for use Bunny Bedding Active

For small rodents (Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil)
Apply a thick layer of at least 20 cm in the enclosure and let the animals do the rest. They will dig to their heart's content and make the most beautiful corridors! A hamster change can sometimes last up to three months.

Hamsterscaping for small rodents (Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil)
Bunny Bedding Active is very well suited for hamster caping. It is a wonderfully soft, excavable bedding in which the animals can dig and romp. It is possible to give the Bunny Bedding Active even more firmness by mixing it with other bedding such as, for example: hay, cotton or hemp, so that cavities remain more intact.

For larger rodents (Rat, Guinea pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu)
Spread a layer of about 10 cm thick in the enclosure and tamp it lightly until a layer of at least 5 cm remains. Depending on the rodent, change it as soon as it starts to smell. Only remove the dirty spot from the cage every week and leave the rest. Then refill the cage as needed.

To keep
Keep the ground cover especially dry and cool.


Bunny Nature BunnyBedding instructions for use
Bunny Nature Bunny Bedding bedding for rodents and rabbits

Material: Linen fiber, straw pellets, pine heartwood
Liter: 35 Liter
Weight: 4,5 kg
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Active Ground cover 35 liters
8 / 10
10 / 10
Charlotte 31 August 2020

Deze bodembedekking vind onze dwerghamster het leukst om lekker in te graven. We hebben veel verschillende bedekkingen al geprobeerd maar deze past het beste bij haar. Ook ruikt de bedekking lekker!

6 / 10
Marlene 01 January 2020

Voelt zacht aan, maar persoonlijk vind ik het tegen vallen. Spul is heel fijn en met een tralie kooi niet praktisch. Ook zie ik onze hamster er niet echt in graven, maar hij is dan ook wel een luie hamster;) Bunny Active is dus echt voor ‘active’ hamsters...

8 / 10
Lotte 01 May 2019

Het is een fijne bodembedekking waar hamsters goed in kunnen graven. Wel heb ik het idee dat mijn dwerghamster de stro-pellets opeet. Het ziet er wel mooi uit in het hok en zeker als je aan hamsterscapen doet.

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