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Bunny Nature Nature Snuffelmat Hay Hemp 31.5 cm
Nature Snuffelmat Hay Hemp 31.5 cm €24,95 €26,95

Nature Snuffelmat Hay Hemp 31.5 cm

€26,95 €24,95
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Product description

Nature Snuffelmat Hay Hemp for rodents!

You can hide tasty snacks in this fun Bunny Nature Snuffelmat. Your rodent must then look it up itself. This activity promotes the natural foraging behavior of the animals and provides playing and searching fun for a long time. Boredom has no chance anymore! For the ultimate experience, the mat is divided into two parts. One part is covered with hay and the other part with hemp.

In your place, done, browse!
Things you find yourself taste twice as good and provide more fun too! Sniffing and foraging for food is natural behavior in which small mammals' noses are working overtime. But it also requires concentration!
With this Snufflemat the search is really exciting and the rabbits and rodents keep themselves busy. Boredom becomes a concept from the past and the best of all: spend intensive time with your pet, which will strengthen the bond with your pet and improve mutual trust! The animals are relaxed, happy and calm.

Instructions for use Bunny Nature Snuffelmat

To make the initial search for the biscuits easier for the animal, you can scatter them loose on the mat. To make it more difficult, you can just hide the cookies deeper in the mat. When all cookies have been found, there are two options:
  • refill the mat with biscuits and so the exciting quest continues
  • the game ends on a positive note, for example with a caress. The mat is then put aside, otherwise the animal may lose interest if it does not find any reward despite its great effort.

The animals should only use the Snufflemat under supervision. Together you will have more fun anyway!

Bunny Nature Crispy Snack for the snufflEmat

bunny nature crispy snack The Crispy Snack makes the search for snacks in our Snufflemats even more exciting. Just hide a few Crispy's in the mat and then SEARCH-PLAY-SNACK starts. A successful "sniffing tour" is appropriately rewarded with the super tasty crispies.

Materiaal: Hemp, Hay
Afmetingen: 31,5 X 28 X 5 cm
Diameter: -
Geschikt voor: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: offer under supervision
Bunny Nature Nature Snuffelmat Hay Hemp 31.5 cm
9 / 10
8 / 10
Yrsa 01 November 2020

Mijn ratjes hebben er veel plezier van

10 / 10
Lianne 01 March 2019

Onze Cavia's vinden het heel leuk om in deze mat hun snoepjes te zoeken. We moesten wel even laten zien dat we er iets in hebben verstopt, maar toen ze het eenmaal doorhadden waren ze helemaal enthousiast. We laten de mat niet in de kooi liggen, maar plaatsen deze af en toe in het verblijf als afwisseling op het andere speelgoed dat ze hebben :)

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