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Knaagdierwinkel® Basic Package Russian Dwarf Hamster
Basic Package Russian Dwarf Hamster €108,59

Basic Package Russian Dwarf Hamster

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Have a question?

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Product description

Basic Package Russian Dwarf Hamster

A complete package for Russian Dwarf Hamsters, completely tailored to the needs of the animals and the basis needed to furnish the enclosure. In addition, we have also added healthy food, snacks and rodents to the package.

Pay attention! If one or more products from the package are not in stock, the package cannot be placed in the shopping cart and ordered.

The basic package consists of:

Cotton & Cotton Soil Cover
We have added two packages because we assume that you want to use a minimum of 20 cm of ground cover.

Kapok Nest Material
Break open the kapok and give small tufts at the same time so that the animals can make a nice nest

Jesper Corner House
Dwarf hamsters prefer one sleeping house and several shelters. We have chosen the corner house here because it is very practical to place in a corner. This saves space in the accommodation. However, dwarf hamsters like multiple houses, so we have added this natural looking igloo house to the basics. Your dwarf hamster will thank you!

BunnyNature Dwarf HamsterDream Expert
Of course your dwarf hamster also needs food, but not just any food, the best food! We have found out for you which food this is. We have listed all the power supplies and compared the compositions. The Bunny Nature Dwarf Hamster Expert came out on top and that is why it should not be missing in the basic equipment.

Flaxseed Harvest
Dwarf hamsters spend much of their time gathering food in the wild. They often go out into the fields, carrying different kinds of seeds in their cheek pouches. Collecting (we also call it harvesting) seeds is part of the natural behavior of the animals. We looked very specifically at which plant species promote this behavior and the linseed plant is one of them, so let the harvesting begin!

Rodent Ham Stake Hazelnut Nibbler
As gnawing material we have chosen responsible gnawing material consisting of 100% natural hazelnut wood sprinkled with dried vegetables and herbs. The animals like to nibble on it and can also frame their teeth in this way.

Dried mealworms as a snack
As a snack we have dried mealworms. Dwarf hamsters love dried mealworms! Dwarf hamsters are mainly granivores (seed eaters), but in the wild they also eat proteins in the form of worms, beetles, snails, etc. It is therefore good to supplement their diet at home with, for example, dried mealworms. The worms also work very well with new animals to attract them to you.

Classik Drinking Class
They are the simplest bottles, but they work the best!

Drinking Bottle Holder
Nowadays we mainly keep dwarf hamsters in glasses and it is a drama to place a bottle in these and that is why we have developed special drinking bottle holders that you can easily place on the glass with a magnet.

Dried Moss
Almost finally, we added moss. You are probably wondering what added value this has. It looks beautiful in an enclosure and the animals like to walk on it. In addition, you can use the moss part very nicely as a solid surface for a food bowl or to put something nice on.

Dwarf hamsters love to bathe in sand, so we have added a ready-made natural sandbox plus sand to this basic concept.

If you have any questions or need help, we are of course happy to help!

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